Winter Skin Care Basics: Important Beauty Care Techniques for Flawless Skin


Winter is a bad time for the skin. Whether it is oily or dry skin, we feel the adverse effect of winter. It is blistery cold outside and then we enter the heated, dry house and all the while our skin is crying out for help. This is a crucial time for a proper skin care regimen.

Important Basic Skin Care Steps

  1. Cleanse skin every morning and night with a cleanser for your particular skin type.
  2. Once or twice per week exfoliate the skin after evening cleansing with a mild exfoliant. The exfoliant should have rounded beads to manually buff the skin. Take a generous amount and work in circular motions. It is recommended to do this in the evening, as the skin may be slightly red or irritated from the buffing.
  3. Moisturize day and night with an appropriate moisturizer for your particular skin type. For day use a moisturizer with SPF, for evening do not.

In addition to the three steps listed above there are a few other steps one can do to keep their skin in tip-top condition. It is extremely important to keep skin hydrated.

Extra Skin Care Steps

  1. Use a toner or softener. This is used after cleansing, but before moisturizing. This helps to pre-moisten the skin and helps the moisturizer to penetrate. It also helps the skin return to its pre-cleanser pH.
  2. Try a serum. This is used after toning or softening the skin, before moisturizer. A serum can penetrate the skin further and are usually more to achieve something in particular. For example, brightening or anti-ageing.
  3. Masking. This is not only amazing for the skin, it is also fun. Try using a mask after cleansing and exfoliating in the evening once every couple of weeks. There are many different masks, some are hydrating. There are other masks for oily skin, which can contain kaolin clay to help dry any acneic skin.

Sometimes it is easy to forget about the lips. In the winter they can be chapped and cracked. To smooth them out, try using your exfoliant for the face on the lips. Do this every time you exfoliate your face. Additionally, it is crucial to use lip balm before bed and under lipstick.


Lastly, it is important to keep the skin hydrated, inside and out. This means drinking lots of water every single day. Our bodies crave the water and by drinking it, we rid the body of harmful toxins, which can wreak havoc on the skin.

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