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Why Women Can’t Lose Weight the Same As Men: How Women’s Weight is Lost Differently Than Men

It’s a fact. If a man and woman go on the same diet at the same time, and stay on the diet for the same length of time – the man will most likely have lost more weight. This is something that most women don’t want to think about, but it’s true.

Why do men have an easier time losing weight?

There are several reasons, and knowing them can help women understand why their sweeties have it so easy.

Men Have More Muscle Than Women

Most men have more body muscle than women do, and that muscle burns more fat as men are sitting still.

This is called the basal metabolic rate (BMR) – the rate at which the body burns fat while at rest. Individuals with a high BMR will have a much easier time losing weight when they actually go on a diet.

Men can build more muscle than women and in a shorter period of time as well. This is simply a fact of nature, as men’s bodies were created to be more physical than women’s. To learn more about how men and muscle will affect the weight loss, click here!

Women Have More and Different Fat Than Men – One Reason Women Can’t Lose Weight

Men and women’s bodies are completely different. Women are more likely to have more fat than men, and this is especially true during child birthing years.

Women store fat around their hips and thighs, which is to be used during childbirth and for energy. Men’s bodies obviously don’t need to make these preparations.

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Another fact is that men have fat more around their internal organs. This fat protects the individual’s organs and helps with body temperature but it’s easier for men to lose. Women have fat that is right under their skin and around the hips and belly. This fat is much harder to lose.

Different Activities Equal Different Rates of Weight Loss – How Women Lose Weight in a Different Way

While things are certainly different than they were hundreds of years ago when it comes to the sexes, some things are still the same. The largest majority of grocery shoppers, caretakers, meal planners and house keepers are women.

Women are still choosing ingredients, preparing the meals, looking after the home and caring for the children. This leaves men with extra time to do physical activities like basketball, football, the gym or more.

Women may certainly have a lot of work to do, but typical housework is not usually enough to burn a great amount of fat. Many more men have jobs that are more physically demanding as well, meaning that they burn fat all day at work. To learn more about how to lose belly fat fast, read our guide here!

Using the information above, women and men can understand why women may be a bit more sluggish to lose weight than their muscular, active counterparts!

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