Following ChiyoMilk Program of Natural Breast Enlargement 194

By Claire Mier

Many of you might already have heard of the legendary ChiyoMilk, the Japanese lady who has had the most dramatic success in natural breast enlargement, and would like to follow the footsteps right?

Unfortunately, many of the supplements that Chiyomilk uses are either unavailable in the US (or in other parts of the world), or that they are just simply expensive.

The good news is …

You don’t need to be using the very same product she uses to achieve the similar results. In fact, when having broken down her program, you will know that it is possible to find substitutes at much cheaper price.

chiyomilk pictures

In case you haven’t read this post about Chiyomilk’s natural breast enhancement program (, I will sum up here the supplement she uses;

1) Pueraria Mirifica from the brand called ‘Pueraria Ladies 99%’, which is a high-quality and high-dose Pueraria Mirifica. There are many supplement brands in the US that produce high-quality Pueraria Mirifica supplements and sell them at really cheap price.

Always buy from a respectable supplement company that sells high-quality Pueraria Mirifica. I recommend buying from this authorised vendor to get the best price.

CLICK HERE to buy Pueraria Mirifica from Purafem

ChiyoMilk’s taking Pueraria Mirifica during the follicle phase and switch it to B Up Drop whose ingredients are similar to Breast Actives and Total Curve supplements but with even more unnecessary additives .


Basically, I find Total Curve and Breast Actives to be with higher quality ingredients than what Chiyomilk’s using in my opinion!

See the chart below to study the difference between follicle and luteal phases of a woman’s cycle.


menstrual cycle

You don’t have to spend as much by buying the same brand of Pueraria Mirifica that Chiyomilk uses. I recommend buying premium-quality Pueraria Mirifica at a much more affordable price from Purafem.

2) Whitex – Apart from her daily intake of Pueraria Mirifica (only on follicle days of the month), Chiyomilk uses pig placenta supplement and hyaluronic acid every day to accelerate cell growth.

Pig placenta supplement is known for its concentrated amount of amino acids which are necessary for cell regeneration and hence its presence in many high-end cosmetic ingredients. You can buy Japanese Placenta similar to what Chiyomilk uses on online

Chiyomilk uses a very high-end product that’s rather expensive (approximately USD100 for one month supply), but we can cheat this by using an alternative substitute.  Maruman’s placenta is what I recommend.


It is available on online at the affordable price (US$15-20 for a one-month supply).

3) B Up Drop – on the other half of the month when Chiyomilk’s not taking Pueraria Mirifica, she chooses to take less powerful phytoestrogen herb instead of Pueraria Mirifica during her luteal phase to avoid messing up her menstrual cycles and prolonging the positive effect of female hormone.

B Up drop is what she takes during that time of the month. This product is herbal blends consisting of:

  • Glucose
  • Lemon juice powder
  • Saw palmetto extract powder
  • Wild yam
  • Fenugreek extract powder
  • Black cohosh extract powder
  • Extract powder of dandelion root
  • Chaste berry extract powder
  • Red clover extract powder
  • Cumin
  • vegetable sterol (soybean origin)
  • sucrose fatty acid ester
  • citric acid
  • sweetener (aspartame, L-phenylalanine compound)
  • flavoring agent

The retail price of this product is 18,000 Japanese yen per package or approximately USD 200, which is pretty pricey. Luckily, you can substitute B Up Drop with Breast Actives or Total Curve supplement (with the most similar ingredients minus the fillers) at a much cheaper price.

Breast Actives is available at USD 30 for one month supply. And you can get a 2-month supply for free with certain packages. This product is also available with 60-day money back guarantee.

Breast Actives works

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total curve review

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(Use Code ‘TC25’ for 25% discount)


chiyomilk now4) Nano Collagen – you might be familiar with the collagen supplement already as collagen has been present in many skincare products and health supplements.

Premium Nano Collagen is available at at USD 328 for 10 bottles. I don’t know about you but I certainly find that a little bit out of my league.

Instead, I would go for Neocell Super Collagen Type I & III + Vitamin C.

=> Click here to buy Neocell Super Collagen online for the best price.

5) Bradelis Bra is what Chiyomilk wears to keep the fat cells in the chest area in place after doing her brushing technique massage.

The Bradelis Bra is around USD 90 a piece and it comes in beautiful designs.

If you don’t want to be spending that much for the body shaping bra, there is a reasonably priced alternative from Vanity Fair bra which is available on at USD 25-30 per piece

Click here to have a look at Vanity Fair Bra Selection

In conclusion, I believe that if you see the results that Chiyomilk has achieved you will literally forget all about breast augmentation surgery and become really inspired to devote time and effort to natural breast enhancement program.

It has changed her life and it can do the same to yours. The question is, are you ready to be committed to it?


194 thoughts on “Following ChiyoMilk Program of Natural Breast Enlargement

  1. Reply Karen Yani Feb 2,2013 5:43 am

    Hi, I read that taking BO and herbs for breast enlargement will cancel out the effects of one another? Also, is BO taken daily? If so, what is the recommended dosage? Thanks

    • Reply Claire Mier Feb 2,2013 5:48 am

      Hi Karen,
      While some people say that taking phytoestrogen herbs with Bovine Ovary slows down the process, I happen to disagree for a few reasons;
      1) First off, we are not supercharging estrogen in our body but rather keep the balance in our hormonal system. As we age, the estrogen level will decline and that’s when we start taking herbs like Pueraria Mirifica and such. Which is why it is recommended that we only take Pueraria Mirifica or other powerful phytoestrogen herbs during the follicle phase only. Taking it during the luteal phase will tip off the balance as that’s when our body’s natural estrogen peaks.
      2) Bovine Ovary’s effect on our body in terms of natural breast enhancement is to stimulate new tissue and cell growth. With the hormone being balanced, our body will be at the ideal state to regenerate and repair.

      However, with every remedy, it’s best to start small to get your body adjusting to it. You can start with taking Bovine Ovary alone and then add the phytoestrogen topical breast cream, then followed with the other herbs such as Saw Palmetto, Kelp, Fenugreek, etc.

      Feel free to write us more if you have any further questions.

      All the best,

  2. Reply clioo Feb 20,2013 11:11 pm

    Can I get/buy ut in the UK?

  3. Reply Lina Feb 28,2013 2:43 am

    I’m almost ready to start! The thing is, do you know if it will counteract an IUD birth control? I have a mirena IUD. I’m almost considering removing it incase it has messed with my hormone levels somehow, because before I read all about natural breast enhancement I feel like the IUD has given me some side effects. Thanks..

    • Reply Claire Mier Mar 2,2013 2:54 am

      Have you been having any side effects from using Mirena IUD? It’s a hormonal IUD which means that it’s best to avoid using any herbs we recommend here while you’re using it as it can give negative effects to you (lower the potency of the IUD, irregular menstrual cycles, etc).

      • Reply Chollie B Apr 2,2013 6:57 pm

        Thanks for this answer, because I am on the Mirena, too. Time to look for other options.

  4. Reply Chollie B Apr 2,2013 6:56 pm

    I wished that the article added a quick 5 step recap of the program with the recommended supplements.

    Additionally, I wanted to know once you reach your desired size do you stop taking the supplements? Does the size maintain on its own?

  5. Reply Curios Apr 3,2013 3:14 am

    What dosage of the pills do you take or do you follow the instructions from the manufacturers (Purafem, Bountiful Breast, Breastactives, and NeoCell Supercollagen)? Would you also need the creams that these manufacturers offer?

    • Reply Claire Mier Apr 3,2013 4:16 pm


      You certainly can use DIY remedies. These products are just recommended by us because we and many other readers have used them and seen results. Plus, they are made of ingredients that are safe and effective.

      If you are to use your own, I recommend buying the herbs in bulk as it can save you more money. You can try Pueraria Mirifica extract 500mg/ day for the luteal phase. Then switch to Fenugreek capsules (500mg/day) for the follicle phase. While taking those herbs, use coconut oil or olive oil to massage your breasts after shower using the technique shown in the video.

      Hope this helps,

  6. Reply Curios Apr 6,2013 3:52 pm

    Thanks Claire. When do you take the nano collagen? During the follicle or luteal phase? Or is it taken throughout?

    • Reply Claire Mier Apr 8,2013 3:42 pm

      Nano collagen is recommended throughout. It’s not a must, but it’s a little something extra. I’m actually using for the joint problem but I’ve noticed that despite late hours of working, I don’t have puffy eyes and dull skin like I’d normally have. So that’s another benefit from the collagen + Vitamin C.

  7. Reply Nikki Apr 12,2013 2:06 am

    Hello Claire,

    i just need some clarification… so if im takin a birth control pill, i should not use any creams (not pills, just creams)that contain phytoestrogens?? Because i kind of have been :S …. ive been using Naturaful breast enlargement/enhancement cream for over a month now as the product itself says that women on birth control may safely use that product, however the ingredients in it are not what’s been mentioned above: Sabal,Damiana, Dong Quai, Blessed Thistle, Dandelion Root,
    Oat Bran, Wild Mexican Yam, Motherwort.

    That’s what’s in the cream… i just need someone to be honest here please, if my body is absorbing those ingredients through my skin, will it effect my Birth Control pill??

    Here the worst part… Ive also been using a Butt Enhancement cream too (and yes they make that now lol) it does contain Pueraria Mirifica extract as well…

    sorry for the questions but you seem to be an expert on this stuff and i dont want to screw myself over…

    • Reply Claire Mier Apr 12,2013 5:52 am

      Hey Nikki,

      Thanks for writing us to share your concern. In fact Naturaful’s ingredients are not powerful phytoestrogen like Pueraria Mirifica or Maca, so they are safe to use with birth control pills. However, I’d strongly recommend that you use physical contraceptives (condoms) while using the butt cream with PM and Maca as ingredients. Just to be on the safe side!

      How long have you been using the enhancement products? Has it been over a month?


  8. Reply Aldrea Mckinley Apr 14,2013 9:19 pm

    I am 24 years old and would like to increase the size of my breasts naturally.Could you suggest me some natural remedies which would help me to gain a fuller and firm breast.I haven’t ever tried any of the breast supplements like pills and creams and would like to keep them as an option too.But would like to go for a natural way.

  9. Reply Amber Apr 20,2013 7:26 am

    Hello, I’ve been very interested in chiyomilk’s program and I would like to follow it similarly as possible without having to fork over an arm and a leg! ^^;

    There are a few things that I don’t quite understand though… Would it be possible to find a very detailed step-by-step tutorial of what to do?? Also my periods are very irregular, is there a possibility that by following this program that it might correct my cycles?

    I am definitely going to try breast actives for sure as I am a mother if two little cuties that I did breastfeed and that has left my breast looking very much older than what they are.. ):

    Also would using these creams on ones stomach tighten any loose skin? Because I have some unwanted loose skin there that is pretty embarrassing and not to mention gross as well because it looks wrinkly and makes me look older as well…and that has destroyed my self esteem and any confidence that I once had in myself.

    I know this is a lot of questions at once and I will probably have many more, I hope you don’t mind! But I’ve been wanting to get back in shape but have been scared of having an almost toned looking body with disgusting loose seems as though I have some loose skin on my breast too, they used to be perky and that is what I miss.. D:

    About the collagen, are there any that are inexpensive and not from pigs? And is it taken orally or topically?

    One more question…. Will these put weight on me?? ):

    Thank you very much. ^x^

    • Reply Claire Mier Apr 21,2013 5:17 am

      Hi Amber,

      Thank you for visiting our website. And I am happy to tell you that you’re on the right path to getting youthful looking bust and body back without any surgical treatments that are both costly and risky.

      Firstly, I’d like you to read this powerful 30 day program on our site:

      The thing is, you won’t have to go as extreme as Chiyomilk, at least not in the beginning. Her program is very expensive for sure and it’s a bit tricky when you need to know when your follicle and luteal phases. Some of us choose to do it the easier way by just start taking Pueraria Mirifica capsules (500mg/day) from the first of period and continue for 15 days before switching to Breast Actives pills. The massage however should be done every day (twice a day) after shower. You can use the Breast Actives cream, Naturaful, or just coconut oil.

      Collagen is to be taken orally, and what it does is to add more elasticity to your skin, so this will also be great for your complexion as well. Some patients with joint pain do benefit from this as well.

      The pig placenta which Chiyomilk uses is believed to be the best for the program, but it’s very very expensive and only sold in Japan at the moment. (Anyone who has a good source of it can also let me know please 😉 ) so we can substitute it with sheep placenta. It’s available on But I cannot endorse the products sold there as I haven’t tried them myself.

      Amber, do let me know if you have any further questions.

      Best wishes,

      Ps. And I believe the fact that you’re only 23 makes you an ideal candidate when it comes to natural breast enhancement.

      • Reply Jessica Jan 9,2015 12:19 am

        Sorry, tried the ‘Contact through email’ option and it wouldnt go through! So I’m writing this here hoping you’ll see.

        I’ve been searching for someone who seems approachable and real enough to ask about some things when it comes to natural breast enhancements so thank you for that. I need help and I was hoping you could help shape a program that will work for me.

        I am 23, 5’9.5 inch tall. I have lost 85 pounds in 15 month and now after working out and strength training I’m down to 135. With that being said, my boobs are flat and nothing to grab at. I have read all about different options on the web about nbes but i am still unsure as to what would be good for me specifically. I am on a low hormone BC, start 1.5 months ago. I eat really healthy and do strength training to build muscle 4 times a week and interval cardio training 2 days a week.Trying to drink plenty of water a day. I have started dandelion root 3 times a day, i swallow 2 table spoons a day of fennel seed powder and fenugreek seeds. What else should I be doing? I take vitamins and supplements like collagen type 2,omega 3’s, msm, selenium for cell regrowth for my skin and hair. I will literally buy whatever you recommend to better my program and I am 100% commited to this. I lost my weight last year, I’m going to start my breast growth and grow my hair out this year and however long it takes 🙂 I will be taking a ‘before’once my program is set and once this is all done, maybe I will approach you about putting my ‘before and after’ shot on your sit?

        Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I am so excited to hear back with whatever advice you have 🙂 know that you’re kind of a lifesaver to girls in my position so I appreciate any words you have.

        • Reply Claire Mier Jan 19,2015 7:47 am

          Hi Jessica,

          So sorry for late reply.
          You are on the right track to getting the body you want the healthy way. It is not as easy as just popping in some pills, but it takes the kind of commitment to eat healthy and be positive with the whole process. and this stuff WORKS! If it works for biological males, it surely does work for women and even more naturally so!

          PS. Please be informed of our new section (forums open for discussions regarding getting hourglass sexy body):
          Do go there and sign up for free to join the discussion.


  10. Reply Amber Apr 20,2013 7:28 am

    Oh forgot to mention, dunno if it matters or not but I am 23.

  11. Reply Amber Apr 22,2013 6:22 am

    Well Claire I must say that you are very helpful and I feel a bit of confidence just by talking with you! I did mention earlier that my periods are very irregular and I noticed that you didn’t respond to that comment and I’m still curious about it.

    Also, is there a significant difference in the pig and sheep placenta?
    Just curious because I’d actually prefer the sheep placenta, I’ve never tried either of them though.

    And this is pretty embarrassing to admit but I don’t shower everyday because we (my family and I) don’t have hot water here. Is this going to matter? I hope not because I live with my grandfather who is extremely old-timey and explaining why not just fix the water heater would be way to complicated. Lol…sorry trying not to ramble. ^^

    • Reply Claire Mier Apr 23,2013 11:59 am

      Regarding the irregular periods, may I ask how severe it is? (Has there been many months that you don’t have periods at all?)
      In which case, I’d recommend you consult your gynecologist first. Usually, it’s nothing serious. Having too little period is better than having too much of.
      The sheep placenta is not a must but it is supposed to help body generate new tissues better. That’s what Chiyomilk explains in her blog. But you don’t have to go all the way. It’s better to start slow and alter your program as you go. There will be some point of your journey that you may hit plateau and stop growing. That’s when you make some changes to your routine.

      I think it is important to massage at least once a day. I know it’s a bit of work, but the results will be rewarding.
      Hope I’ve covered everything. If there’re anything else, let me know!

      Happy growing Amber!

  12. Reply Amber Apr 22,2013 7:48 pm

    I have ordered breast actives and will probably get purafem or something like it. The purafem (pueraria mirifica) package has three different things, a cream, pills and an extract of some kind I think? Is it important to have all three of them or? Also which thing do you take with which phase? I just ended my period but I am still waiting on my breast actives to get here, it will probably be a week or so.

    Any suggestions on what I should do until then? I should mention that I do have coconut oil.

    • Reply Claire Mier Apr 23,2013 11:51 am

      Hi Amber,

      For Purafem, it’s enough that you get the supplementary pills and if you prefer and that it doesn’t exceed your budget, choose the serum instead of the cream. (You will get the massage cream that has Pueraria Mirifica as the main ingredient in Breast Actives already). The serum from Purafem is what they are known for… It’s a concentrate dosage and it’s allegedly extracted using nano technology (making it easier for the body to absorb).

      Coconut oil is what I use to massage with when I run out of the breast cream or want to take a break. Make sure it’s organic and edible. That way you know for sure you use the one that has no toxins.

      hope that answers your questions. Let me know how it goes for you!


  13. Reply Curios Apr 24,2013 3:03 am

    Hi Claire,

    I have ordered everything and almost ready to start the program. I need your help in taking the pills correctly. Both the Nano Collagen and Bountiful Breast need to be taken daily and both require you to take it on an empty stomach. Can you take it at the same time?

    Also, with Purafem and Breastactives, when do you take these during the day?

    • Reply Claire Mier Apr 25,2013 3:46 am

      Purafem and Breast Actives should not be taken together. for Breast Actives, you need to take one in the morning and one before bedtime. It should be taken with food .

      For Purafem, you can take up to 1000mg per day. I believe one capsule is 500mg so you can do the same as Breast Actives. Remember to not overdo this. And if it’s more convenient for you, start Purafem the 1st day of your period and continue for 15 days before you switch to Breast Actives.

      With Bountiful, do as instructed on the package (once -twice a day).

  14. Reply Curios Apr 24,2013 3:31 am

    Do you normally take the recommended dosage for the collagen of 3 pills in the morning and 3 pills in the evening?

    And when would i be able to take my daily multivitamins?

    • Reply Claire Mier Apr 25,2013 3:43 am


      The instruction is on the label. Generally, your body can absorb up to 6000mg per day. Anymore than that and it’ll be flushed out through your system.
      the daily multivitamins can be taken with the program.


  15. Reply Birth control curious! Apr 27,2013 6:50 am

    Hey there Claire, thanks so much for this great info!!! I’ve been looking all over for Chiyomilk’s program in English =D

    I am on Microgestin Fe 1.5/30 birth control pill (I take it for contraceptive reasons, as well as to regulate my period).

    I am so eager to start this entire program, but I am wondering if anything will effect my birth control. I read in the earlier comments that creams will, but I am wondering if any capsules will effect the pill as well. I have been rubbing FlaxSeed Oil on my boobs 3x/daily & have noticed fullness & plumpness!! Will this oil effect my birth control as well? I know I should see my doctor, but she doesn’t really *like* natural remedies, & it would take about 2 weeks just to hear her negative replies.

    I know you’re super busy, but I would really appreciate a reply! Thank you so much!!

    • Reply Claire Mier Apr 27,2013 6:46 pm

      Hi there,

      The thing with taking phytoestrogen herbs while you’re on birth control pills is that it can lower the efficacy of the pills and your body will have too much of estrogen making it less likely for you to grow bigger breasts naturally. It’s all about keeping it balanced, Not increasing estrogen levels like many of us believed at first.

      In your case, I’d recommend that either you switch to physical contraceptives (condoms) or maybe try just flaxseed oil or coconut oil for now. It’ll not interfere with your birth control pills. And since it’s already working for you, give that a try until you hit plateau, then you might change your routine when that happens.

      Hope you find this helpful 🙂

  16. Reply Amber Apr 27,2013 6:29 pm

    Hello again Claire! (such a cute name I might add.)

    So you are supposed to take purafem for 15 days starting day 1 of menstrual cycle, but how long do you take BA for? Until your next cycle? Sorry just trying to make sure.

    • Reply Claire Mier Apr 27,2013 6:43 pm

      Hi Amber,

      I have always liked your name too 🙂
      Yes, you can take PM from the 1st day of your period and continue for 15 days before you switch to BA until the next period starts. Then you switch back to the Purafem.

      That’s not entirely what Chiyomilks doing , rather what Purafem recommends. Which I think many of us might find more practical.

  17. Reply Birth control curious! (again) Apr 29,2013 4:19 pm

    Thanks so much for that quick response, Claire!! A little more questions, if you dont mind! (you’re the first person I’ve found online that actually *knows* what their talking about lol..)

    1. So I can rub any kind of oil, or self made DIY lotion on my breasts without interfering with my birth control?? If I find PM cream/soap/etc. can I rub that on? Or is it specifically flax seed oil & coconut?

    2. How will I know when I plateau? Will I stop feeling swollen & heavy..? The growth is very slow so Im just wondering how I’ll know.

    3. Is it okay to drink spearmint tea, eat fennel, & other estrogenic foods/teas?

    4. Since I’m on birth control, would you recommend me using more progesterone products, if there are any out there..?

    Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your replies; this is so amazing & i’m so glad I found you & your website!! hope to hear from you soon <33

    • Reply Claire Mier Apr 30,2013 7:16 am

      Hey there! Love seeing your progress on your youtube channel!
      to answer your questions;

      1) I recommend using organic oils. toxins are what slow down the growth or tissue production. Flaxseed / coconut / or olive oils are fine. Do not use anything that has preservatives / petroleum by products such as mineral oils (in baby oil , can you believe it?).

      2) The plateau usually happens after 2-3 months of the same program. You ‘ll know as you will not see any improvement for awhile. If you’re experiencing the tingling on breasts now like when you did when you hit puberty, that will go away when you hit plateau as well.

      3) Fennel tea is great, camomile tea calms down the nerves so that’s also great as well. Just make sure you try to find the organic ones.

      4) Progesterone cream that you can find on will do. I personally use Naturaful as it contains the most natural ingredients.

      Hope I’ve covered everything. Thanks again for stopping by! And keep me posted on your progress. I am already also a subscriber on your channel! 😉

  18. Reply Amber Apr 29,2013 8:07 pm

    Well I think I will start taking BA today, I don’t have my purafem yet but it should be fine, right? I hope so lol.

    good luck to everyone on their journey to beautiful perky natural breasts, as I am starting mine today, yay! (^o^)

    • Reply Claire Mier Apr 30,2013 7:11 am

      Hey Amber, thanks so much for dropping by and giving out cheering thoughts and comments.
      BA is good to start now if you’re are expecting to have your period soon.
      Detox is great. I’m not sure about the sea mud/clay. Have to look into that. But juice fasting for 3days prior to the program is what I do.

      Good luck and keep me posted!

  19. Reply Amber Apr 29,2013 8:52 pm

    Oh Claire, i’ve been meaning to ask you.. I read somewhere that it is good to detox you’re body before starting these kind of supplements. So my question is, would using a sea mud/clay work or do I need to do one of those detox diets? :s hopefully the mud will work because I do have some.

  20. Reply Amber Apr 30,2013 3:16 pm

    Thank you for all of the helpful information Claire, and I will most definitely keep you posted with any results.

    There should be an encouragement help line for this type of thing, that way when any if us ladies are feeling of low self esteem and they could give them a courage boost to keep them going because this will be a long process you know?

    I know I’m eyeballing that lengthy time already lol. But hopefully I see quick results that way I can feel like I can and need to stay committed to the program. Ahhh…. Just sharing some thoughts. ^^;

    • Reply Claire Mier May 1,2013 9:58 am

      Exactly, I totally agree with you. Our perception of the way we look plays such an important role in how happy we are and that reflects on how we carry ourselves. The important thing is to know that we should have a goal of what we want and never let other people have too much influence on how we view ourselves.

  21. Reply Amber May 2,2013 5:25 pm

    Oh you asked how irregular my periods were and I forgot to tell you, they are very random and last kind of long, usually will bleed 7-8 days and often longer than that as well. Before, I was having almost 3 periods a month! Literally I had a period every other week. And then from there they went to being very far apart for example the average cycle is usually every 28 days but mine were every 32 – 49 days, its crazy! They have been trying to straighten out a but though recently. So hopefully taking the BA or PM will help regulate me. Sorry it took so long to answer that question, lol.

    • Reply Claire Mier May 3,2013 4:05 am

      hi Amber,

      Yes, that has happened to me too when I first started this. I was overdosing on phytoestrogen (taking PM everyday of the month…).
      After you try switching it between luteal (using powerful phytoestrogen such as PM ) and follicle (using Fenugreek and/ or fennel seeds) you should get your cycles normal again.

      Keep me updated! 🙂

  22. Reply Soondus May 3,2013 4:58 am

    Hi Claire, thanks for responding!

    I’m like Amber; before I started birth control, my periods were all out of whack, ever since I start it which was @ the age of 10! I’ve decided to stop my birth control to grow my breasts w/ Chiyomilk’s “recipe” & hopefully the PM will regulate my periods like you stated above to Amber. I’m going to try to follow her plan to a T (minus the pig placenta), so I’m gambling on amazing results (hopefully 2-3 cup sizes!!!).

    Do you think I can start ASAP, or should I wait until my next period comes around to start w/ the PM? Thanks for all the help!! Much love <3 xo

    • Reply Claire Mier May 4,2013 3:56 am

      Hey there,
      I think it’s best to start on the first day of your period… That’s how I do it too and it’s easier to keep track because then you’ll know when you switch to Breast Actives or other less powerful phytoestrogen. I just started my maintenance course this month (a few days ago actually).

      You should feel the difference within the first two weeks. But then it’ll stay there for one month before you can feel the noticeable fullness of breasts.

      Let me know how it goes for you 😉 Thanks again for leaving kind words and revisiting!! 🙂


  23. Reply Sara May 4,2013 1:10 pm

    Hey. Im 18 now and almost flat. I want to know breast enlarging techniques using fenugreek seeds. Please help me out. Thanks.

    • Reply Claire Mier May 6,2013 6:40 am

      Hi Sara,

      You can use coconut oil (preferably organic) mixed with grinded fennel seeds or fenugreek. (Use a handful of the grinded seeds with let’s say 200ml of the coconut oil).
      You can use the mixture to massage breasts after shower twice a day to begin with.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

  24. Reply HKG May 5,2013 4:19 am

    Hi: I am alreafy 50 but still have regular period. What breast enhancement programme will you suggest? I have ordered the noogleberry, waiting for delivery. My breast size is 34 A, after breastfeed before for 3 kids. I just want my breast size to B cup with more firm and full. Also, do you think RF will help to tighten tummy loss skin caused by pregnancy?

    • Reply Claire Mier May 6,2013 6:36 am

      Hi ,

      RF is the radiofrequency laser for skin tightening? I have heard about it and many people choose that instead of using botox and have seen great results.
      I cannot guarantee that it’ll do the same thing on tummy but it seems that the certified surgeons use the vaser liposuction combined with RF to tighten the loose skin and get rid of excess inches.

      I’d recommend the Chiyomilk program using Purafem (starting day 1 of your period and continue for 15 days before you switch to Breast Actives for the rest of the days until your next period starts again.). This program combined with Noogleberry should definitely give you a firmer looking breasts rather quickly.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


  25. Reply Amber May 5,2013 9:53 pm

    Hello again Claire! ^-^
    Well I’ve been taking BA for almost a week now. No noticeable difference in size but I have noticed that my breasts firmness is bit more firm which is good because they are terribly loose feeling. I hope they do get firmer.

    I have also noticed random tingly feelings in my nipples and my breasts so that is making me very hopeful and also excited, I hope they grow soon!!

    Also my husband did notice a difference in the firmness too, it’s not much but still kinda noticeable and that makes me happy. (^o^)

    • Reply Claire Mier May 6,2013 6:31 am

      Hi Amber,
      Thanks again for the great share. It’s going to take a little while before you can feel noticeable increase in cup size. That’s exactly what happened to me when I first started out as well..

      Congrats on the progress and keep me updated!! 🙂


  26. Reply Amber May 6,2013 9:39 pm

    And thank you Claire (:
    For what you might say? Well, thanks for making this blog, the advice, the courage and for listening.

    For a really long time now, I’ve felt that my breasts were ugly and never would go back to normal again and I am so happy that I found this website because I was considering having surgery but would probably never have the money to do so in the first place so which often had me thinking that I’d be stuck with hideous breasts.

    Talking with you really makes me feel like I can do this!
    And of course, I will continue to keep you updated on my progress.

    I’ve been taking picture, trying to keep charts as well.
    Not sure if I will ever post any pictures though lol, not very confident in that era you know? xD

    Good luck everyone <3

    • Reply Claire Mier May 7,2013 3:11 am

      Thanks for the kind words Amber! I’m sure that you’ll see success as you’re committed to make it happen!

      Happy growing and good luck!! 🙂

  27. Reply HKG May 7,2013 2:06 am

    Hi Claire:
    Thanks for your reply. For the pills,can I just simply take pure Fenugreek supplement instead of taking Purafem and Breast Actives? I just think of thr risks of taking too much as there is lot of other ingredients in both pills?

    • Reply Claire Mier May 7,2013 3:10 am


      What I recommended was just based on ChiyoMilk’s program. If you’re younger than 21 years old, then definitely it’s going to be too much.
      In case you’re comfortable starting out with just Fenugreek, by all means do so. I cannot say yes or no as it’s individual preferences and respond to each remedy.

      Do eat the soy protein and do massage twice a day apart from taking the Fenugreek supplement as well though!

      Keep me updated 🙂


  28. Reply HKG May 8,2013 12:31 am

    HI Claire,
    What is the difference between only take BA and BA plus P?

    • Reply Claire Mier May 11,2013 6:52 am


      From what I know Breast Actives only has one version of its product. They used to sell only the pills and back then it was called Breast Gain Plus.
      Hope I answered your question.


  29. Reply Curios May 10,2013 2:13 am

    Hi Claire,

    You mentioned to take 500mg of PM per day (for the follicle phase). I am using Purafem and following their instructions of two pills in the morning and two pills at night. Each pill is 350mg.

    Am I taking too much of PM?

    Also, is there anything I should avoid eating/drinking?


    • Reply Claire Mier May 11,2013 6:50 am

      Hi Curios,

      The reason why I recommend 500 mg/ day is to be on the safe side as some people might already be estrogen dominant. This is to avoid overdosing and the chances of skipping menstrual cycles. If your cycles are still regular, 750mg per day is fine as well. I now take 1000 mg / day for 15 days a month and switch to Breast Actives / Total Curve for the other 15 days.

      While doing natural breast enhancement program, it’s recommended that you avoid / reduce caffeine intake. It is ideal to avoid drinking alcohol drinks. Or limit it to no more than 2 servings a week.

      Hope this answers your questions!
      Good luck,

  30. Reply HKG May 12,2013 8:37 am

    Hi Claire

    What I mean is what is the difference between taking BA only and taking both BA and Purafem at dieggerent time?

    • Reply Claire Mier May 15,2013 1:29 am

      Puerafem is definitely stronger than Breast Actives alone. Active ingredient in Puerafem is considered to be the strongest phytoestrogen (Pueraria Mirifica that is.)

  31. Reply Amber May 21,2013 8:36 am

    Hello, it’s Amber again~ ^^

    Well I have had some minor set backs… Tried ordering purafem and that was a disaster. Some how they lost my payment and before that couldn’t even tell that I had sent them a payment and every time I contacted them it took a couple days before I would get a response from them so..yeaaaahhhhh…. That’s a real bummer. I really wanted to try purafem but just requested my payment back. /:
    SO…i haven’t been taking BA regularly because of being frustrated and not really knowing where to go from.. lol any suggestions?

    Does anyone know of any bras similar to those that chiyomilk wears? The borealis bras look very lovely but I am not willing to pay nearly $100 for a single bra :l they don’t last long enough to even cost that much in the first place… Bras are a necessity for women for every single day, why in the world do they cost so much?! >_<;

    oh, I have been experiencing some side effects I think. When I started taking BA I got slight headaches/sharp pains for a couple days and then they subsided. Think that this is normal..
    But what I am not sure about is, it seems like I am bruising easily and I got sharp pains towards my lower ribs e_o but when it happened it was very brief only lasted like 5-10 seconds if that? And some other things dunno if they were related but it didn't seem likely.

    Also some other side effects that are actually being helpful, especially towards my period, blood flow seems to be a lot better, it's like it kinda thinned it out which is way better then what it was.

    Well that is all I can think of to share other than my boobs haven't progressed much because I stopped taking BA for a week due to strange pains. Hope others are having better luck … ^°^

    • Reply Claire Mier May 21,2013 10:34 am

      Hi Amber,

      Thank you for stopping by and I’m sorry to hear that your purchase wasn’t successful with Purafem.
      My recommendation is try Ainterol as they are the 2nd best one, at lower price as well. They’ve received some good reviews as well.
      This product is available on if you live in the US or Canada, or go to in case you’re in Europe.

      If you wish to give purafem another try, here’s their customer support’s email:

      The sharp pain could be from water retention. and the reason why you’re bruising easily is because of the vitamin E in the Breast Actives supplement.
      Have you had any hypertension problem? If so, consult your doctor before you take any supplementary products.
      One more thing about the bra, you can certainly replace that with Vanity Fair bra as I recommend above. The price is between 24-34 USD depending on the models and sizes.

      Let me know if there’s any news!

      Best wishes,

  32. Reply Caitlyn Jun 20,2013 6:05 pm

    Hey, I was wondering; could this program help with uneven breasts? I have small and uneven breasts (left one is about 1.5 cup sizes smaller than the right) and have always wanted to make my breasts larger and more even. Also, do you recommend any creams to help? Preferably something that has only organic fragrance if any (I’m allergic to artificial fragrance). Also, how long do you think one should do the program for?

    thank you!

  33. Reply Amber Jul 3,2013 10:08 pm

    Hi its me Amber, again! XD

    I decided to take a break for a little because I didn’t have the money to get the products that I needed but now I have BA and Ainterol instead of Purafem. I just started taking BA again today and will continue until my cycle and then I will start ainterol. or should I be using Ainterol now?

    Hey I am also trying to shed some weight especially on my mid section and I was wondering would it be okay to use raspberry-ketones in conjunction with the breast enhancement products?

    • Reply Claire Mier Jul 4,2013 9:22 am

      Hi Amber,

      How’s it going with your progress? It’s good to hear from you again of course.
      Here’s the answer to your question;

      It’s ok to substitute Ainterol. It’s the second best of the US available Pueraria Mirifica. I’ve heard from good things about it. If your budget is the issue, ainterol can be a good substitute.

      About the weight loss, it is ok to be on a diet as long as you don’t go to extreme. This means as long as you maintain your body fat to be around 23-25% which is ideal as it’s when your hormonal balance should be at its healthiest point.

      With weight loss supplement, have a look at this post here:

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further question. If you wish, join my facebook fanpage here:

      Best wishes,

  34. Reply Amber Jul 4,2013 7:55 pm

    The progress goes not so well because I had to stop for a while because I didn’t have the stuff that I needed but now I do so we’ll see what happens xD

    Btw, I “liked” your fan page on Facebook.

    thanks for the helpful info Claire! (:

    • Reply Claire Mier Jul 5,2013 4:39 am

      Just keep up with the massage Amber! And make sure to get enough protein and good fats from flax seeds and coconut oil. It helps thin the blood so the nutrients can travel to places in your body better. It’s also good for health and does miracles to your skin. 🙂

      Let me know if you have any other questions! 🙂


  35. Reply Amber Jul 12,2013 2:17 am

    I do have a couple questions actually x)

    I keep forgetting.. Which one am I supposed to take on my period? Ainterol? Breast actives?

    Also what is a good brand of flax seeds? I am guessing it is probably best to eat them raw, right?

    • Reply Claire Mier Jul 15,2013 4:58 pm

      Hi Amber,

      Sorry for late reply.

      PM is for the 1st of your period (which will be carried on for the following 14-15 days), then switch to BA after that.
      Flaxseeds are best to be eaten raw. The oil is for topical used at best. The reason for that is the flaxseed oil is sensitive to temperature changes.
      If you place it out of the fridge (in summer time) then it goes bad. So it’s best to be eaten raw.

      Coconut oil on the other hand is best for both internal and external use. It’s still healthy even after you use it for cooking.

  36. Reply Cynthia Jul 13,2013 6:24 am

    Hi Claire,

    I am quite confused with the mentioned steps by Chiyomilk’s program, would you please help me clarify if i am doing it right?

    I will be consuming PM during the Follicular period which is the start of my menstruation cycle for 15 days, and stop to switch to Bovine ovary supplement for the next few days aka Luteal period before the next menstruation cycle starts.
    Throughout the whole time i will be using Organic Flaxseed oil for my massage.

    Looking forward to receiving your reply! 🙂

    • Reply Claire Mier Jul 15,2013 4:54 pm

      Hi Cynthia,

      You can choose between the Bovine Ovary or the less powerful phytoestrgen like Fennel seeds, fenugreek during the luteal. PM is for the 1st of menstrual cycle until the 15th.

      If you hit plateau, you can switch the herbs (PM to Maca), and the Bovine Ovary to the Breast Actives, or other products like Saw Palmetto + Fenugreek + Fennel Seeds or Dong quai.

      Every now and then, do a detox program to reset the system. Dandelion roots, Blessed thistle, and Kelp are great for that. Combine that with some juice fasting if you can for a period of 3-7 days.

      Hope that has answered your questions!

      Best wishes,

  37. Reply HKG Jul 20,2013 11:35 am

    Hi Claire:
    How do you compare Ainterol and Triactol. I am now using Triactol but it is a bit expensive.



    • Reply Claire Mier Jul 22,2013 10:25 am


      Triactol has the patented technology that makes it a more high end product. Usually this means the active ingredient can really penetrate the skin dermis and make a difference. But if consistency is quite important so if the price is a little bit too pricey at the moment, switch to something that you can use in the long run as it’s more about making a routine that you stick to rather than hoping for some miracle potion.

      I personally use Naturaful as it’s within the price I’m comfortable with and it’s really effective (USD$ 39/jar): .


  38. Reply HKG Jul 22,2013 2:15 pm

    Hi Claire,
    IF I just consider effectiveness, not the price, which one you will suggest: Triatol or Naturaful?


    • Reply Claire Mier Jul 23,2013 10:03 am


      First of all these two products are totally different in terms of the ingredients; Triactol being estrogen-based, while Naturaful being progestin ( so to choose what’s best FOR YOU, you have to get your blood checked to find out whether you’re estrogen pre-dominant or not. If you are, it’s best to balance it out by using Progestin (Naturaful) together with taking Saw Palmetto, Wild Yam supplement (that are present in Breast Actives pills, and Total Curve Pills).


  39. Reply Ashlyn Jul 24,2013 6:29 pm

    I am very interested in trying your system with Purafem and BA with the rotational cycles. I only am uncertain which massage cream or oil would be best suited for me. I’m am 25, have loose breasts from weight loss, and still am working towards losing 25 more pounds. I workout with alternating days of cardio/weight training. I am also on oral contraceptives (Yaz). I suffer from major hormone fluctuations just before and during menstruation. I also have anxiety issues.

    First of all, should I wait to start the program until I reach my goal weight?

    Considering my anxiety and hormone issues, what are my best options?

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    • Reply Claire Mier Jul 25,2013 4:09 am

      Hi Ashlyn,

      I’m happy to hear that you’re interested in giving the natural approach a go, as opposed to the dangerous implants. To answer your question regarding the breast massage cream, you can start off by using coconut oil or flaxseed oil and switch to the breast cream that comes in the Breast Actives package. (It is with Pueraria Mirifica extract).

      I am also very glad to know that you’re an active person who enjoys exercising. With that combined, you should be able to get your sexy body in no time.
      The only thing to keep in mind is you need to have the ideal body fat of 22-25% to make natural breast enhancement work.

      Regarding your hormone issues, the rotation program will give you the benefits of balancing it. You see, it’s not about loading up your body with female hormones like most people think, it’s about making it balanced and allowing your body to benefit the growth by being at its healthiest state.

      It certainly helps to do a quick total body cleansing program before you start. I recommend juice fasting for three days, and follow with including more veggies and fruit juice on daily basis even when you eat normal food.

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

      Happy growing,

  40. Reply Hellowwkitty Jul 26,2013 3:59 am

    I have a question. I have been taking BB pills and have seen great results so far for about a year. I went to a small A to a small B ( left breast ) big B ( right).now i just ordered for another year of BB. I already made an oil / paste massage made of fennel seeds combined with cod oil to have more results. Since its phytoestrogen, when ( which phase) is it recommended to do those massages? Or is it not good at all to use that since i am taking bovine ovary ( from BB pills) . If so, what should i use instead to have my best results? I want a C cup possible. i am a full time med student and on a tight budget too. Thanks Claire!

    • Reply Claire Mier Jul 26,2013 10:38 am


      Big congrats on your progress. I personally don’t think it is true when they say you can’t mix them together.

      But for the purpose of your peace of mind, I think it’s best to use just the coconut oil without the ground seeds or herbs with Bountiful Breast.
      Good for the peace of mind, and good for the budget. And the oil itself is effective if your body’s already having great response to it.

      Happy growing,

  41. Reply Hellowwwkitty Jul 26,2013 7:49 pm

    Dear Claire,

    I really appreciate your fast answer! I was worried about that answer. i already did buy the cod oil and made the fennel seeds with it though and they are already mixed together though :/ should i just throw it away? Or just buy saw palmetto to take in addition with the BB pills, as a, just one last thing? I am for sure continuing on the BB pills as it is a big investment for me .

    • Reply Claire Mier Jul 27,2013 3:30 pm


      You’re welcome! 🙂
      You should still keep the stuff for now as in the future you might reach plateau which requires a bit of remedy alteration.
      So that means the mix could be a good addition to the plan.

      The saw palmetto can be taken with in the case that you are estrogen pre dominant. And it is ok to mix with the BB pills. But not necessary.

      Hope that has answered your question.


  42. Reply jelly Jul 30,2013 11:00 pm

    Hey Claire,
    thanks so much for outlining her program. i read her blog in japanese and was confused as hell as i couldnt translate many parts.

    just want to confirm with you that this is correct:
    1. take PM starting first day of period up for 15 days.
    2. then take breast active for the remaining days until next period starts.
    3. take bountiful breast every single day (regardless of what phase)
    along with hyaluronic acid + collegen

    -PM has to be taken after meals with milk
    -breast active, bountiful breast are to be taken on empty stomach in morning and night
    -cream/serum can be used every single day

    is my summar correct?
    thanks so much!

    Read more:

    • Reply Claire Mier Jul 31,2013 4:21 am

      Hi Jelly,

      If you’re all new to NBE, you can skip the Bountiful breast at this point. You can use sheep placenta extract (which can be found on and it should be taken everyday with hyaluronic and collagen.

      PM doesn’t have to be taken with milk. it can be taken with food. For Breast Actives and Bountiful, take them as per instructions on the products.

      Cream and serum should be used twice a day after shower with massage.

      Seems like you’ve got nearly everything straight. Let me know with your update 🙂

      Happy growing,

  43. Reply jelly Aug 3,2013 2:35 am

    hi Claire,
    thanks for your reply. now I am a bit confused. in your program summary you statd take PM for 15 days, then take breast actives for the remaining 15 days until next cycle.
    but on the Breast Active instructions it says take every day…so which instruction do i follow?

    • Reply Claire Mier Aug 4,2013 8:23 am

      IF you’re a beginner in NBE, you can follow Breast Actives instruction. This is just the imitation of Chiyomilk’s program. Breast Actives is a similar product to what Chiyomilk uses during the time of the month when she’s not taking PM.

  44. Reply Amy Sep 3,2013 10:44 am

    Hi 🙂 I would like to start a NBE program.
    I currently have the Implanon rod inserted in my arm (birth control).

    I would like to use the following program

    1. take 500mg PM (ainterol) capsules 2x day (500mg morning, 500mg night)
    starting first day of period and continuing for 15 days.
    I will also be using Ainterol X-R1 Atomizer once in morning, after quick shower/10min breast massage,
    and Ainterol cream once at night time, also after quick shower/ 10min breast massage.
    If I notice any signs of estrogen dominance I will reduce capsules to 1x daily.

    2. then after these 15 days of PM, I will switch to taking breast active pills 2x day (1x morning, 1x evening) for the remaining days until my next period starts.
    (and I will also be switching to using breast active creast cream morning and night during this phase, following shower/10min massage.)

    I will also be supplementing daily with flaxseed oil capsules, magnesium capsules, calcium capsules, and cayenne capsules (1x of each, daily, with breakfast).

    Every 3 months of repeating this program I will stop all supplement use for 10days, and do a 3day juice cleanse then do one week of super-clean-eating and cleansing using milk thistle capsules.

    I have no caffeine in diet, rarely drink alcohol, have a very clean diet as it is, and eat lots of wholefoods and raw veg, and tend to stick to healthy foods, with the occasional treat of chocolate. I avoid processed foods and unhealthy foods.

    My BMI is 29% body fat.
    I am 24yr old, 87kg female, 5″10high,
    breast size 41″overbust, 36″underbust.

    AUS bra size 16D.

    (US/UK bra size 38D)

    I would like to lose some weight (around 10kg) without losing my boobs.
    When I was really skinny I barely filled out a 12B cup.
    I like the size that my boobs are now, but I am feeling that I have gotten a little chubby, (I haven’t been exercising as much as I used to!)
    If I lose some weight it’s likely my boobs will disappear again which sucks, haha..
    I’d love to lose some weight and for my boobs to actually instead get a bit bigger lol.. So hopefully my NBE program will work! 🙂

    Does anyone know whether my program sounds good,
    and also if it will be ok to do whilst on the Implanon birth control rod?

    I would much prefer to not have the Implanon removed.

    My periods used to be Very painful, last for 7-10days, and be absolutely all over the place (sometimes every 2-3 weeks! Would have my period for 10days every 2 weeks! It was like that for years and was so hard to live with.)
    But ever since I had the Implanon inserted, my periods come a lot less frequently – still quite irregular, but they come every 30-45days, and are much lighter, (only last for 4-6 days).
    So I’m loving this and don’t want to have the Implanon removed (and I also don’t want to risk falling pregnant!- I’m not ready for that!!) .

    Any suggestions or insight would be much appreciated..
    thank you 🙂


    • Reply Claire Mier Sep 6,2013 6:30 am

      Hi Amy,

      Sorry for late reply.

      Your program does sound good, though I have to say that I often find myself in the same situation as you are; liking the boobs but wanting to get rid of the extra inches around the love handles.

      The thing is it can be a bit tricky to keep the size of breasts while losing weight. The key here is to NEVER go on a crash diet. Eat the same amount of calories but cut off sugary food and add more protein. DO some strength training instead of focusing on cardiovascular exercise to tone up the muscles. That way you will look skinnier on the areas you build more muscles without losing too much of the overal body fat.

      One more thing, birth control insertion is estrogen-based, so is Pueraria Mirifica. Mixing both you might end up being estrogen predominant. You can get a blood test with your doctor to see if you are estrogen predominant or not. If the result comes back positive, lower the dosage of the PM and switch fro Ainsterol cream to Wild Yam cream instead.

      Hope this info is helpful to you Amy. Let me know if there is any update.

      Best wishes,

  45. Reply Building A Better Boob Sep 14,2013 7:45 pm

    Hi Claire:

    I’m interested in starting NBE. Actually, hoping to “reinflate” the boobs I had while pregnant. I am 52 and menopausal, so I’m not sure how or what to take and when since I have no cycle. Any advice would be appreciated!


    • Reply Claire Mier Sep 21,2013 8:03 am

      Hi there,

      For women who have hit menopause, you may go ahead using Pueraria Mirifica for 3 weeks and switch to milder phytoestrogen on the last week of the cycle.

      It’s best to start the program with detox juice fasting first. Do a mini detox for three days. Remember to add more fiber in your daily diet. This is to make sure that your body can entirely remove the toxins. This will accelerate your results and help you feel more rejuvenated.

      Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.


  46. Reply Hopeful Sep 17,2013 10:17 pm

    Hi There Claire,

    Thanks for all your posts and replies, it is very useful.
    I have been using BA for three or so months now, and notice small changes (some days it feels better than others!). So i want to try this combination of PF for 15 days and BA for 15 days (plus the BA cream and occasional PF serum).

    I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind;
    – how critical is the order of cream/pills? Should one follow the other (I tend to put the cream after shower int the morning, and then take the pill a few hours later after breakfast at work..)
    – how critical is it to keep to the same times every day?
    – My BMI is around 17.7-18, bit ‘underweight’ i know. And I’ve read this isn’t great for NBE. I have a slim build though, and don’t know how to healthily/safely put on weight. Esp with the hectic lifestyle, its doesn’t stay (I am not complaining!) – just wondering if it will nullify my NBE attempts?


    • Reply Claire Mier Sep 21,2013 8:00 am

      Hi there,

      Thank you for dropping me questions and these are some excellent ones I must say.

      BMI does play a big role when it comes to NBE. Basically, you should be somewhere between 21-25% for the body tissues to regenerate effectively.
      By this I don’t encourage you to start eating junk food for the sake of putting on weight. It’s never worth it to put your health on the 2nd priority.
      What I recommend is using protein shake for the effectiveness, safety, and convenience.

      Go for some better quality whey proteins as they do contain necessary enzymes to help break down the milk protein and improve the absorption.
      You might mix it with egg yolk and chocolate milk. Take one before breakfast and one after workouts.

      The supplement when taken at the same time each day, allows the phytoestrogen to be in your system around the clock. But don’t overthink it. It’s better to remember to take them daily and not worry about the time.

      I find it to be more effective to use the massage cream after a warm shower. But remember to be gentle. We don’t want them to be swollen, we want the actual growth.

      Hope I’ve covered everything. Let me know how it goes. 🙂


      • Reply Hopeful Oct 4,2013 9:42 pm

        Thanks so much for your detailed answer Claire! Appreciate it.

        My order of PM arrived a couple weeks ago and I started my period today so I’m going start PM for 15 days. Fingers crossed!

        I ordered the serum too based on what if read here; should I use this when using PM and the BA cream when taking BA tablets? Sorry if that’s an obvious ques!

        Also you say can take up to 1000; I think my tables of PM are 350 each. I plan on taking two (like BA one at night and one in the morning) – is this enough?

        Thanks Claire!

        • Reply Claire Mier Oct 11,2013 6:53 am

          Hi there,

          my apology for the late reply.
          When you order Breast Actives, it also comes with a breast cream, so when you’re taking the tablets, use the cream that comes with it. It’s got lower dosage of PM and fenugreek (phytoestrogen) when compared to Purafem serum.

          During the 15 days of taking PM, use the serum from Purafem for maximum result.

          Do this for 3 months and take one month break. Do a detox (juice fasting for 3-5 days) then start over.

          Hope this answers your questions.

          Best wishes,

  47. Reply pilipina Oct 3,2013 6:11 pm

    Hi Ms. Claire..

    Been curious with this..
    Read about thread from one of the forum site.. and was curious and wanting to try it but unfortunately all ingredients are not available in my country.. well they are but its really hard to find them.. so my fellow girlfriends opted for malunggay tea for the supplement..

    Is that ok?

    I’m using sheep placenta btw for the cream,.

    24 turning 25, 32A.. 🙁

    Thank you so much

    • Reply Claire Mier Oct 4,2013 7:03 am


      Malunggay or Moringa, based on what I’ve heard from many reliable sources, is one powerful antioxidant herb that has been used as natural source of vitamin C and calcium. It strengthens immune system, helps you relax, and improves quality of your sleep. It can be a good addition to your remedy nonetheless.
      With that said, the tea itself might not be all it takes to increase cup size. If you have difficulty getting your hands on most of the ingredients, start off with Pueraria Mirifica, given that you do not have any preexisting health conditions with youe reproductive system. PM can be a bit too powerful in many women who tend to be estrogen pre dominant. To find out if you are, you can have your blood tested by your doctor.


  48. Reply HKG Oct 19,2013 5:03 am

    Hi Claire,
    I write to you before. To start again, I am 50, with 3 kids, still with regular period. My BMI is 20.5. I started the Noogleberry pump since May 2013. I begin with 30 mins per day and now I will do it for one hour per day. I took 1220 mg of Fenugreek per day. I also use Triactol ( but it is not available in the market now) Now when I use my hand to cup my breast, it definitly increased in volume. I start with 34 A, now a small 34 B. But I feel the plateau because before I got tingle feeling sometimes in my breast but none now . As you suggest to me before, I plan to order the PM and BA now. But I have the following questions
    1. Should I order PM serum also and use it at the same time when taking the PM for 15 days? How about the natraful cream? Use it together with the serum?
    2. Should I use the BA cream during the time I take BA pills? No need to use natraful cream for this time?
    3. Should I do this programe for 3 months and take a rest for 1 month and start again?
    4. Since my BMI is 20.5 , should I need to eat more and increase my weight. Now i am 5 feet 2 inches and 112 pounds. I go to gym every Sat and Sun, should I take whey protein shake after exercise?
    6. Everday, I drink one glass of soy milk ( home made myself) in the morning, do I need to take collagen and BB as well?

    Sorry for so many questions!



    • Reply Claire Mier Oct 20,2013 6:23 am

      Hi there,
      First off, I’d like to congratulate you on your progress. That is an amazing growth and hitting plateau happens to most people around after 3-6 months of doing this.
      So before you jump start to the new program, go on a detox program in order to reset everything. That way your body will fully absorp all the good stuff that’s coming after you start the program.
      To answer your questions, I first need to remind you that the same remedy or program doesnt have equal effect on everyone. So with that said, I cannot say which is the best. I’d just tell you what works for me.
      1) If you’re ordering BA, the cream that comes with it already contains sufficient amount of PM, so there is no need to order another program and use it on top of that.
      2) Use the cream that comes in the package of Breast Actives when you take the pills, and also during the time when you’re taking PM if you’d like. Naturaful is good when you have taken a lot of powerful phytoestrogen like from PM for awhile; it balances it out. So I usually take Naturaful during the months when I’m not taking PM pills.(Then I’d combine it with Fenugreek and Saw Palmetto)
      3) Take one month when you try and do some juice diet as much as you can. You don’t have to drink only juice all the time, rather try and make your own freshly squeeze and drink it as much as you can.
      4) Based on Chiyomilk’s advice, a woman’s BMI should be around 21-23%. But it’d not be all end all. If you feel healthier and have more energy with slightly lower body fat then by all means. It’s best to put our health first. Protein shake is excellent addition to all this. After all, your body needs extra amino acids to regenerate cells and body tissues.
      5) A homemade soy is in fact a great choice. If you can try and make sure the soy beans are non-GMO. Collagen is a great addition to this. If you can afford this make sure to look for hydrolyzed collagen and take it with vitamin C for maximum results.
      6) Lastly, all estrogen-like herbs can increase production of melasma. But the effect is much milder than that of the birth control pills.

      Hope this helps! Keep me updated on your progress 🙂

      Best wishes,

  49. Reply HKG Oct 19,2013 12:25 pm

    Hi Claire,
    One more question: Will PM stimulate Melasma as increase in estrogen will stimulate melasma ( just like during pregnancy)



  50. Reply HKG Oct 22,2013 1:06 am

    Hi Claire,
    Thanks a lot for your reply. You said plateau will come usually in 3-6 months, then how long will the plateau last? If I don’t change my programme and keep to do my way consistently , will I pass through the plateau and start growing again?
    What is the best way to pass through the plateau and keep growing?
    Thanks again!


    • Reply Claire Mier Oct 23,2013 7:03 am

      Hi there,

      Usually the plateau lasts for about 1 month but sometimes it can be less. It depends on each person’s chemistry. It’s important though that you alter the program a bit to make your body keep adjusting to new recipes. The best is to do a quick detox or body cleansing (juicing diet helps me a lot!) and then start over. You can start with the old remedy and wait 1-2 weeks if there is any tingling sensation on your breasts like you’d have when you are about to have menstrual cycle. If none of that happens, then try increasing the dosage of PM (for the first 15 days or fenugreek on the second half).

      Hope this helps!

  51. Reply faith Oct 23,2013 9:49 am

    Hi Claire!

    I’ve been wondering, are there any substitute for super b-up drop. It’s not available here in our country.Tho there are lots of fenugreek,saw palmetto & wild yam in some of the food supplements store in here.

    I want to start this NBE program but, I really need to find the supplements needed for this. PM is also available here. only the super b-up drop in not.

    hope you can help me!


    • Reply Claire Mier Oct 24,2013 7:49 am

      Hi Faith,

      Thank you for writing us. As I recommend in the post, that the recommended substitute for Super B-Up drop is Breast Actives as it contains similar ingredients, but only better (without the fillers that are present in super B-Up). The product is developed and marketed by a US. company but they do provide worldwide shipping. You can read more about the product here:

      Hope this helps! 🙂 Keep us posted on your progress!

      Best wishes,

  52. Reply HKG Oct 24,2013 12:58 am

    Hi Claire,

    Can you explain exact ways to do detox. Eg, What to eat for the whole day and how long?


    • Reply Claire Mier Oct 24,2013 7:52 am

      It’s really not complicated at all. Again, the simpler the better as that means you will likely be able to stick to the plan.

      Basically you can start off with clean diet.. (low carbohydrates or preferably complex carbs like those in whole-grains).
      You need to drink at least 2 litres of water each day. It’s good if you can store up some organic fruits and veggies to make some juice which you can drink throughout the day, if you find juice fasting abit too extreme.
      Frozen berries are also great for smoothies and they are rich in antioxidants.

      You can even do this as long as you like even when you’re already back on the natural breast enhancement program.
      Hope that clears up the doubt you have about the detox program. Feel free to let me know if there is anything else you want me to explain. 🙂


  53. Reply HKG Oct 25,2013 12:50 am

    Hi Claire,
    If I cintinue my old programme, ie Noogle and take fengugreek, can I pass the plateau naturally?



    • Reply Claire Mier Oct 25,2013 7:27 am

      I’d recommend that you go through the detox to begin with. Think of it as a reset button. You might go back to the old program for a month and see if you would need to make any changes.


  54. Reply HKG Oct 27,2013 1:45 am

    Hi Claire,
    Thanks for your reply.
    For the collagen, do I need to buy Collagen 1 and 3 with Vitamim C. How many mg I need to take daily? Do I need to take before meal?



    • Reply Claire Mier Oct 27,2013 8:04 am

      Hi HKG,

      For collagen, it’s best to buy the one that is hydrolyzed for better absorption. Vitamin C is known to promote collagen and elastin production. So that’s why when taken together they support each other.

      It’s best to take the collagen with empty stomach so the stomach acid doesn’t destroy the supplement.
      One – two scoops per day (2500mg – 5000mg) is what I usually take.


  55. Reply Camille Nov 2,2013 11:01 pm

    Thank you so much for your post but I’m a little confused. Are you supposed to take bountiful breast the whole month or only when you are not taking the herbal supplement?

    • Reply Claire Mier Nov 3,2013 7:20 am

      If you follow CHiyomilk’s program, it’s for the whole month. What I do is the first 15 days starting day 1 of my period I take PM, then switch to Breast Actives for the other 15. Then I take Bountiful when I hit plateau for 3 months, do one detox diet (juicing diet) for 1 month (first 3-7 days only juice), then go back to PM and Breast Actives.

  56. Reply Lilly Nov 14,2013 2:38 pm

    Hi Claire!

    I’ll be starting the Chiyomilk program in January and I’ve been doing tons of research trying to find the best products to use. I’ve tried Breasts Activess before and it didn’t really work out for me. (I think I was too skinny.) I’m doing the PM through Purafem (the serum, pills and cream) for the first 15 days starting on the first day of my menstrual. I’ll be using Bountiful Breasts (the cream and the pills) for the the other 15 days. A different site recommended Greenbush blended extract which is basically blended fenugreek, saw palmetto, fennel and wild yam in a liquid form. (Can that be substituted instead of Breasts Actives or is just best to stick with BA?) I’ll be taking the Neocell throughout the program as well. Is it necessary to take 6 a day? Doesn’t that seem like a lot?

    • Reply Claire Mier Nov 15,2013 4:02 am

      Hi Lily,

      The one from Greenbush can substitute Breast Actives if you’ve tried it in the past with no success. If you’re doing Chiyomilk’s program, use Purafem on the 15 days, then use Greenbush blend on the other half. You might not need Bountiful in the beginning, instead buy sheep placenta supplement and take that everyday of the month.

      For Neocell collagen, take 1-2 scoops everyday only. All that should suffice.

      One more thing, be sure to do a body detox before this. It’s like a reset button which increases the success with NBE. You can do so by doing sa small juice fasting. (3 days). Then start taking Psyllium husk fiber with food if you feel like your diet is low in fiber content.

      Hope that answers your questions.


  57. Reply Juliefer Nov 15,2013 12:16 am





    • Reply Claire Mier Nov 15,2013 4:08 am

      Hi there,
      Pig placenta (or sheep placenta in case you cant find pig placenta) throughout the month. No need for the female hormone as it might make you estrogen dominant which is not good for your health nor your breast enhancement goal.

      Ithas been shown that cigarette smoking can lower the success of NBE. If you’re a smoker start slow by lowring the daily allowance.

      Hope this answers your questions.


  58. Reply Juliefer Nov 15,2013 5:51 pm



    • Reply Claire Mier Nov 16,2013 9:09 am


      BA is the same price as on which is USD59.95 for a month supply for both supplement pills and cream…but on their official website you get to choose the bonus packages if you order 6-month supply to get 2 free or 4 month to get one free. So in a way its cheaper there.

      Start with 500mg of PM per day… with BA you can take it as instructed on the package…
      Powder form for me gives me more control over how much i take… But it’s more hassle .. so product in capsules give you the convenience…

      hope that answers your questions…

      Best wishes,

  59. Reply HKG Nov 23,2013 1:48 am

    Hi Clarie

    If I want to know whether I am Estrogen premoniant or not, besides going to do blood test, is there other method ? For example, any signs and character on my body will show? Because I need to decide whether I should order Naturaful.



    • Reply Claire Mier Nov 27,2013 6:39 am


      Basic symptoms are if you break out or get nauseous and sick when you take estrogen birth conrol pills. Another symptom would be late menstrual cycle or heavy menstrual flow.

      Those are the most obvious signs. Hope that answered your questions. 🙂

      Best wishes,

  60. Reply Juliefer Nov 28,2013 12:43 am

    Are the BA products the same quality as the official website? I want to pay for the real thing.

    • Reply Claire Mier Dec 2,2013 3:04 pm

      Its the same price on amazon if you buy for 1 month supply. But it’s cheaper if you buy 6 months supply on the official website which you pay for 4 month and get 2 for free.

  61. Reply Juliefer Dec 3,2013 12:00 am

    What I meant was, is the quality of the product the same? Like does it have the same effects and not “generic” or “fake”

    • Reply Claire Mier Dec 3,2013 7:01 am

      The official website can guarantee you get the genuine products. With other merchants, I cannot guarantee.


  62. Reply HKG Dec 4,2013 2:08 pm

    Hi Claire,

    If my menstral flow is just normal not heavy, I should not use Naturaful cream?



    • Reply Claire Mier Dec 5,2013 6:27 am


      If you wish, you can use it during the 15 days when you’re not using Pueraria Mirifica. Again, it is not absolutely necessary in the beginning.
      I’ve personally tried the cream and I love the fact that it feels wonderful applying it on (absorps rather quickly), it is also fragrance-free and I can feel the perkiness of breasts after a few short weeks of using.


  63. Reply Juliefer Dec 7,2013 5:12 am

    Hi Claire, me again:) So I jus received Ainterol PM pills. I actually found pig placenta on Amazon. It is on its way being shipped from Japan:) It’s a little pricey. I also ordered BA which hasn’t arrived yet. My period starts on the 12th of this month. My question is, can I take PM daily together with BA and pig placenta? Instead of breaking them into different weeks? Or is that overdosing?

    • Reply Claire Mier Dec 9,2013 6:14 am


      If you would like to follow the adapted Chiyomilk’s plan (which i find more convenient), take the PM starting on the first day of your period and switch to BA after the 15 days are over. Pig placenta can be taken throughout the month. You can say taking them both can be overdosing. And we want to balance the hormone to make the growth… It’s like telling the body that it’s in the puberty and it’s time to grow.

      The pig placenta is there to boost the cell rejuvenation so to speak.

      Hope my explanation makes it clear.
      With oral contraceptions, it has been said that it might tip off the balance. So it might interfere a little bit with your remedy.

      Best wishes,

  64. Reply Juliefer Dec 9,2013 5:08 am

    One more question, What birth controls are sade to use during this program? Im planning on getting tge birth control that is implanted on the inner arm.

  65. Reply rosie Dec 12,2013 10:31 pm

    is it safe to take maca root at the same time im doing this program? i want to use it for my hips and butt.

    • Reply AdminClaireMier Dec 13,2013 4:06 am


      I would recommend you to wait with Maca at least the oral supplement in the beginning. The reason for that is Pueraria Mirifica is a powerful phytoestrogen and adding Maca on top of it could make you estrogen predominant.

      Instead, go slow. Begin with this program and add Maca when you plateau.

      In the mean time, check out the exercises and follow tips recommended here:

      Best wishes,

  66. Reply Rosie Dec 13,2013 9:08 pm

    Not sure what you mean with plateau?

    • Reply AdminClaireMier Dec 15,2013 11:17 am

      Hi Rosie,

      There will come the time when you sort of hit the ceiling where your growth suddenly stops. That’s when you alter the remedy to sort of boost it up to break through.


  67. Reply Rosie Dec 16,2013 11:58 pm

    Ok, I understand. One more question, is it okay to still take my dialy vitamin pill?

    • Reply AdminClaireMier Dec 17,2013 4:01 am

      Hi Rosie,

      Yes it is ok to take the daily vitamin and mineral supplement. In fact, it is encouraged that you maintain healthy diet to maximize the results.
      Do make sure to eat enough of the healthy protein (lean meat or fish / nuts / soy beans).

      Keep us updated on your progress!


  68. Reply Kelly Dec 18,2013 1:39 am

    Hi Claire,
    I ordered all my products and am still waiting to receive them. I just started my period yesterday. Can I start Chiyomilk’s NBE program during luteal phase instead of follicle phase?

    Thank you!

    • Reply AdminClaireMier Dec 18,2013 4:20 am

      Hi Kelly,

      I would recommend to start taking the Pueraria Mirifica on the first day of the period to make it easy on your part, if you find Chiyomilk’s program a bit inconvenient.

      Best wishes,

  69. Reply Juliefer Dec 18,2013 7:37 pm

    So I was suppose to start my period on the 12th, but it still hasn’t came. So I just started taking the PM pills. On the bottle it says take one in the morening and on before bedtime. But I remember you saying take 500mg a day. It’s the Ainterol PM 100x500mg. Should I folloew what the bottle says or take only one a day?

    • Reply Claire Mier Dec 19,2013 8:21 am

      If you’re taking this for the first time, go with 500mg per day. With that said, your period might delay even further if you start taking the PM now.
      If you’re impatient, take the powder out of the capsule and mix it with olive oil, or coconut oil or your body cream and use it with breast massage before you start taking it orally.

      Best wishes,

  70. Reply Juliefer Dec 20,2013 8:04 pm

    So I don’t know what’s up with my period? Still has not came. I stopped taking the pills orally and mixed the powder in the capsule with my unscented lotion and did masaage. I also have BA, can I take those now instead?

    • Reply Claire Mier Dec 21,2013 6:44 am


      I’d recommend that you wait until the period comes to start taking any pills. Because phytoestrogen can push your cycle even further so do the massage first.

      If anything, try and not worry about it. Stress can bring about irregular menstrual cycles as well. Drink lots of water, get enough sleep, relax, and exercise moderately.


  71. Reply Juliefer Dec 27,2013 10:18 pm

    I finally got my period and I started taking the PM, once everyday in the morning. I am doing massage morning and before bed time. I am using my own unscented lotion. I have my BA cream as well, can I use that now? Or do I use it when I’m using the BA pills for the other 15 days?

    • Reply Claire Mier Jan 1,2014 10:12 am

      You should use BA cream in conjunction with the pills for maximum results. And continue even when you’re on PM pills.

      Keep us updated!


  72. Reply Juliefer Jan 9,2014 12:40 am

    I’ve been using the BA cream, but everytime I ru bit on, when it absorbs it starts to leave a weird gummy residue off my breasts onto my hands while I’m still massaging. Is this normal

    • Reply Claire Mier Jan 10,2014 3:26 pm

      Hi there,

      Yes that is what I gound quite annoying about the product as well. But it helps if you use it after hot shower, as it absorps rather much quicker.

      Also, try and apply the cream with one direction, i find that to help as well.


  73. Reply Juliefer Jan 17,2014 1:08 am

    So I am doing pretty good with the program. No big, noticable results YET. But I have noticed a little red/pink blood spotting when I pee. I don’t know if it’s because of the placenta or BA?

    • Reply Claire Mier Feb 12,2014 7:34 am

      There has been no report on placenta or BA causing such problem. There might be some other factors involved. It’s best to contact your gynecologist to identify the problem.

      Let me know with the updates 🙂

  74. Reply Allegra Jan 19,2014 2:58 pm

    Hi Claire!

    I am about to start the program here but I’m just wondering about the contraceptive method that can suit me while taking the herbal supplements. I am on pills birth control right now, I wanted to switch to the Mirena but reading the comments and questions of others, this doesn’t seems to be a good option anymore. Please what contraceptive method do you think can be the best for me while going into the program?

    • Reply Claire Mier Feb 12,2014 7:31 am

      Hi Allegra,

      At this point there is not internal contraception that can be combined with natural breast enhancement or any estrogen-like supplements without compromising the effectiveness of the contraceptions I’m afraid. If it’s possible, I usually recommend physical contraception like condoms for the time-being. Or if you wish to use birth control pills or injection, using Grandular Therapy (bovine ovary) alone will be ok.

      Read more about Bovine Ovary and breast enhancement here:

      Best wishes,

  75. Reply Juliefer Jan 30,2014 6:21 pm

    Can I take Garcina Camboga at the same time during this program?

    • Reply Claire Mier Feb 12,2014 7:23 am

      I usually do not recommend that you take combine weight loss program with the NBE. Focusing on one area at a time has proven to have higher success rate.
      You may however do some strength training exercises to focus on problem areas such as doing crunches for firmer and flatter stomach while following the breast enhancement program. This will certainly get your body looking curvy and nice in no time.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  76. Reply ANDREA Feb 2,2014 3:04 pm

    I’m menopausal (age 64). How should I follow the program since I have no menstrual cycle?

    • Reply Claire Mier Feb 12,2014 7:20 am

      Hi Andrea,

      It gets slightly more tricky for menopausal women to follow the program. Instead, I’d recommend that you switch the 15 day cycles on your own term. This is just to create the intervals and preventing the body from hitting plateau so you can get the growth faster.

      Always combine the oral herbs with massage at least twice a day.

      Hope this helps! 🙂 Claire

  77. Reply Michelle Mar 11,2014 4:10 am

    Hi I’m currently doing p90x3. I have two more months to go but I really want to start BE program. The problem is I’m sure I will lose weight from p90x3. I am about 30 lbs overweight. If I gain breast from B will I lose them along with the body weight? I really only want to be a firm B. I’m normally a small A cup. But the weight gain and breast feeding gave me flabby large A cup. If I decide to wait, what can I do in the meantime for breast growth/firmness?

    • Reply Claire Mier Mar 12,2014 6:30 am

      Hi Michelle,
      I had similar problems as you do. I had put on weight due to pregnancy. What I did in combination with the weight loss program was strength training, focusing on the chest area. We include the exercise problem on the blog as well. This is pectoral muscle training program that will help perk up the breasts. You can combine that with the BE program and you will gain perkiness (firmness), while maintaining or gaining breast tissues and fat.

      Hope that answer helps.

  78. Reply Irene Mar 31,2014 11:14 am

    Hi!I’m your italian follower…
    I wanna know why shetakes some specific supplements in a specific cycle phase insted of another…why is so important?

    • Reply Claire Mier Apr 2,2014 6:05 am

      Hi Irene,

      The reason why she takes PM during the certain time of the cycle is to regulate her estrogen levels. This way it will not knock it off balance, and mess up her cycles.
      Plus, growing breasts naturally is about balancing your natural hormone levels, and not have too much of either female or male hormones.
      Then the protein, placenta, MSM, or GABA are to stimulate natural growth hormones and generation of body tissues, to have the growth as the results.

      Hope that answers your concerns and questions.
      Thank you for following! 🙂

    • Reply Claire Mier Apr 9,2014 4:52 am

      Hi Irene
      It’s to make sure that you dont mess up your menstrual cycles, as that tends to happen when you take too much phytoestrogen when your estrogen levels is at its peak and cause you to become estrogen dominant.

      Hope that answers your question.


  79. Reply Emily Jun 10,2014 7:35 am

    Hi! I’m 15 years old and I was wondering if Chiyomil’s program would work for me or should I try it when I’m older? I think my breasts are done growing because they started to grow at a pretty early age 9-10 and they stopped at 12-13 they haven’t grown a bit since then plus I also stopped growing in height around that age so I think I might be done with puberty I’m not sure but I’d like to hear some advice from you. Thank you.

    • Reply Claire Mier Jun 10,2014 9:22 am

      Hi Emily,

      I strongly recommend giving a few years to naturally grow before you ever use any of these products. But what you can do now to stimulate the growth is do the breast massage after shower using olive/coconut/ or any other natural oil, and make sure to eat healthy. By this I mean enough lean protein, plenty of fruits and veggies and do drink at least 2 litres of water per day.

      Keep me updated! And be positive about this whole thing.

      Best wishes,

  80. Reply Ashley Jun 27,2014 8:16 pm

    Hey Claire,
    I was wondering, will I benefit at all from just doing the brush massage with Breast Actives? Or do I need the Purafem too? Will it make that much of a difference? I don’t really want to spend every cent I have on all of the other supplements. Are BA and Purafem the ones you need most?

  81. Reply Zen Jul 13,2014 2:14 am

    Hi Claire,

    I’m 21 this year, with a small 34B. Although I’ll be happy to reach a full 34B, my main concern is actually not about the size. I’m a person who’s concerned with health and balance, and I read that Puerearia Mirifica has a hormone-balancing effect, as well as beneficial nutrients such as Vitamin E. From your replies to the posts of visitors on this page, I feel that you are a nice and knowledgeable person who could help clarify my doubts. Hope you’ll be able to help me with my questions 🙂 (I confess that I didn’t read through every single one of them.. Sorry if my questions are repeated!)

    1) Does Puerearia Mirifica help to regulate hormones and keep them balanced for overall health and fitness? I am concerned because I am currently healthy (regular menstrual cycles, no chronic illness, etc), so I do not wish to risk doing anything that might disrupt my current healthy state. However, I have a small stature (significantly shorter than the average height of the people around me) so I’m quite concerned that my hormone levels might not be balanced. Do you think I should try taking Puerearia Mirifica with the purpose of regulating my hormones?

    2) I read that Puerearia Mirifica, or in fact any treatment for increasing breast size, could increase libido. Will taking small doses over a long time still have the same effect of balancing hormones and yet not increase libido? I’m concerned because I do not wish to disrupt my current state of a healthy mind and body…

    Hope you understand where I’m coming from. It’ll be great if Puerearia Mirifica is in line with helping me achieve my goal of health and balance, but if it doesn’t I might wanna reconsider.

    Thanks Claire for taking time to read this 🙂

    • Reply Claire Mier Jul 24,2014 6:37 am

      Hi Zen,

      Thank you for dropping us questions. They are good ones. And I’ll do my best to clarify the concerns you might have on PM.

      1) The herb Pueraria Mirifica is phytoestrogens or plant-based female hormones. It is used to regulate hormone balance but if taking too much can lead to estrogen dominance which causes irregular menstrual bleeding, and/or cycles. So that’s why the safest way to go about it is to have your blood test to find out prior to choosing the most suitable NBE plan (what herbs to take and how much). That is because PM is by far the most powerful phytoestrogen known today. It also will give you quicker results (like Chiyomilk has experienced). So taking the plan seriously to see the dramatic results like this, get your blood check and do some good planning.
      2) Increased libido is known to be one of the effects that it has. Having a healthy body in general means you have a healthy libido. It’s not going to skyrocket it or anything like that.
      Hope I’ve covered everyhting. If I missed some points, let me know.

      Best wishes,

  82. Reply Mae Jul 25,2014 2:31 pm

    Hai Claire,

    I’m 18 years old going 19 and my bust size is 30. Is it alright to start trying this program? Planning to take Ainterol PM 15 days folicullar phase and then FG-WY-SP combo for luteal phase. How many dosage you think i should take that’s right for my age. And can you give advice. Thanks 🙂

    • Reply Claire Mier Aug 4,2014 7:44 am

      Since you’re still very young, I wouldn’t really recommend any type of supplements that will mess with your hormones. With that said, most people start off with 500mg of PM per day and for the combo, no more than 250mg of each to begin with.

  83. Reply Joie Sep 22,2014 3:58 pm

    Or the bovine ovary work on men?
    at the present I’m doing the Pm for 14 days and then the Breast actives for 15-16 days repeatedly!!

  84. Reply Joie Sep 22,2014 4:08 pm

    I am a male
    So will these programs work for me?
    Will the placenta work on Me?

    • Reply Claire Mier Sep 24,2014 6:05 am

      Hi there,

      The program has been great for many people both male and female. The differences are the time frame. Start slow but be consistent and you will see the results.


  85. Reply Joie Sep 22,2014 4:11 pm

    Should I be using a T Blocker and if so what should I use Claire?

    • Reply Claire Mier Sep 24,2014 6:06 am

      Natural Testosterone blocker can be found in Saw Palmetto… So I recommend that as opposed to synthetic drugs.. Keep us updated 🙂

  86. Reply Shawna Jan 14,2015 3:27 pm

    I am currently taking BO (ultra breast) along with the cream for massage from Bountiful Breast. Only two months in and I’ve gained an inch! I’m looking into getting the Mirena IUD (wanted the copper Paraguard but insurance doesn’t cover that one…?) It has the synthetic progesterone levonorgestrel. Will this effect any NBE results? I started out an AA and Really want to continue to get success!

    • Reply Claire Mier Jan 19,2015 7:29 am

      Hi Shawna, have you considered using natural progesterone? It might be both cost worthy and much safer than synthetic hormones.

      PS. Please be informed of our new section (forums open for discussions regarding getting hourglass sexy body):
      Do go there and sign up for free to join the discussion.


  87. Reply cheris Apr 11,2015 10:55 am

    Hi Claire,

    Can i take multivitamins on top of chiyomilk routine?

    I am currently taking 300mg of pueraria mirifica, collagen and pig placenta.

    Please help.

    Im thinking of taking vitamins for hair bcos my hair has been dropping due to stress lately.

    Please advise.


    • Reply Claire Mier Apr 19,2015 3:33 am

      Most definitely. It’s the healthy diet we encourage you to maintain while on NBE program. Multivitamins can surely pass as a part of a healthy diet. 🙂

  88. Reply Ruby Jun 5,2015 7:30 am

    Hi Claire,

    I’m 21 years old and I’m completely flat chested, as in I don’t even fit into any bras. I look like a man actually. I would be happy if I could even get an aa size, anything apart from being completely flat.

    Would I actually be able to benefit from this program? Also, could you briefly explain it to me once more, I’m slightly confused and want to be sure of everything before I use anything.

    Thank you very much!

  89. Reply Sana Jun 10,2015 12:33 pm

    Hi Claire,

    Hope you are doing well. Thanks so much for sharing this great info with us. I want to try your NBE program and I have few questions regarding it. Hope you’d like to answer. I am 29 year old and I used Isosensuals enhance for 6 months but it didn’t work as expected. I have never used any breast enlargement pills. My menstrual cycle is regular and normal. But I have severe hair loss problem (Alopecia) and I used Rogaine for 9 months last year in 2014. I also had severe acne problem which is under control because I did a 9 months course. My doctor told me that I am estrogen predominant. After using so many acne products I have finally got rid of it but now I get nodular acne.

    Here are my questions regarding this program:

    1: Should/Can I take collagen, multivitamins and sheep placenta throughout the program while i am taking PM and BA (for 3 months)? If yes then when should (timing like can I take them with breakfast when I am taking PM and BA), Quantity (like how many tablets of each)?

    2: Should I take PM (500 mg with breakfast) on the first day of my period till the 15th day and BA (500 mg with breakfast) till the next period? will i have any breakouts when using these pills??? and will they have any effect on hair loss???

    3: You said that we could use either Purafem or Ainterol pure mirifica. Either would be fine???

    4: Should I use Purafem serum with PM pills for 15 days and then BA cream for 15 days? This means i can’t use either of them for 30 days???

    5: Should i stop taking any of these pills after 3 months and detox my system. Then After 10 days i should resume using these pills and creams in the same manner?

    6: What should i do after achieving my desired results? For example, if i reached my desired goal in 3 months, should i continue to take these pills and creams after that?? and for how long??

    7: If i reach plateau, i should simply replace the PM with Maca and BA with any other similar pills??? Should i do the same with serum and cream??

    I know that these are many questions, but i hope that you’d like to answer.

    Thanks so much!

    • Reply Claire Mier Jun 24,2015 8:02 am

      Hi Sana, Sorry for late reply.

      I would recommend that you skip PM all together if you’re estrogen predominant. Instead, keep taking collagen , multivitamin, Sheep placenta but + Total Curve (h and/or Naturaful since it’s progesterone which will balance your estrogen predominance.

      Do the detox whether or not you’re on natural breast enhancement program. Your liver and kidney will need a break every now and then. It’s generally a healthy thing you can do for your body.

      Maca is also to be avoided if you’re estrogen predominant.

      Stick with this first and after 3 months have passed, re evaluate your program ; see how much you’ve grown, if there is anything to be added such as Noogleberry pump or more protein intake, etc.

      Best wishes,

  90. Reply Kirk Pittman Aug 2,2015 4:56 pm

    Claire I have to get my mind in to doing this I stall wont larger breast.

  91. Reply Malee Sep 10,2015 11:46 am

    I have ordered basert actives and will probably get purafem or something like it. The purafem (pueraria mirifica) package has three different things, a cream, pills and an extract of some kind I think? Is it important to have all three of them or? Also which thing do you take with which phase? I just ended my period but I am still waiting on my basert actives to get here, it will probably be a week or so. Any suggestions on what I should do until then? I should mention that I do have coconut oil.

  92. Reply Christina Feb 7,2016 6:32 am

    Hi. I just startes using breast actives. I take birth control (recommended and prescribes by my dermatologist to help with acne). Does that make any difference? Can I still take birth control and do the birth actives pill/cream program. Also, im unsure if I’m doing the massage correctly. Is there a video that portrays how to do them right? Can I do the massage once after the second pill (night pill) or do I have to do them twice (during am and pm).

    Will drinking two Cokes (coca cola) a week, affect my progress negatively? It says to limit the intake on caffeine..
    Are the amounts of fenugreek and saw palmetto in breast actives, enough? Or should I take some additional capsules?

    • Reply Claire Mier Feb 9,2016 10:26 am


      If you’r new to all this, start taking the dose as recommended on the program until you may hit plateau later on. (Everyone does!)
      The massage should be done after warm shower to allow the cream to sink in better (pores are open).

      Would be best to cut down on caffeine but one to two cans of coca cola shouldn’t hurt! After all, it’s best to feel happy while approaching your goal!

      Good luck!

  93. Reply lesley May 10,2016 10:04 pm

    hi Claire, thank you for all the good tips, I have recently started taking SWANSONS bovine ovary 1000 mg a day is it safe to continue using source natural progesterone cream on my breasts twice a day after showering. I was using AINTEROL PUERARIA MIRIFICA WITH PROGESTERONE CREAM before changing over. when I have run out of progesterone cream I have used fennel oil in moisturising cream I welcome your advice LOVE LESLEY

    • Reply Claire Mier May 15,2016 9:00 am

      I’d recommend, as based on many other people’s success stories, to mix BO with Saw Palmetto, Wild Yam and Damiana. This is however very personal and individual based. So start small and see what works best for you.


  94. Reply Alvin Aug 28,2016 9:40 am

    Hi Claire,

    I have just made a purchase of Purafem Cream and Serum from, may i know is this a legit website?

    May I know can i just start out using Purafem cream and serum? Or do I need to start together with the Purafem pills and BA pills?

    What is the instruction of use for the Purafem Cream & Serum?

    Looking forward to your reply.

    • Reply Claire Mier Sep 7,2016 7:43 am


      The link to Purafem on this site is to the legitimate website. We are the third party blog.
      I would recommend using Purafem and Breast Actives separately. If you’re following Chiyomilk’s program, you take them separately by taking Purafem pills on the first day of period and continue for 15 days then switch to Breast Actives.

      If you experience the delay of menstrual cycle the following month then take a 7 day break of all the supplements prior to the day you’re supposed to have period. (Just like how you would with birth control pills).

      Hope this helps.


  95. Reply Mause Oct 20,2016 9:58 pm

    Hi! Do you know what was the ChiyoMilk’s daily dosage of Pueraria Mirifica?

    • Reply Claire Mier Oct 21,2016 8:04 am

      Chiyomilk uses Ladies Pueraria 99% (330mg per tablet/60 tablets). And she takes one daily. So that’s 330mg. But if you’re just getting started, I’d recommend 250mg tablet; one tablet per day…

  96. Reply Enya Dec 16,2016 6:48 pm

    I’m taking slimming tea at the moment,would it reduce my breast?
    And I’m also considering getting breast actives, will the slimming tea affect it ,and how can I speed the results with using only breast actives package, I really need answers to these three questions, pleaseeeee

    • Reply Claire Mier Dec 17,2016 4:43 am


      If you’re losing body fat while trying to gain breasts naturally, it’ll counteract the effort!
      Using slimming tea can affect the absorption of nutrients. As the results of that, you might not be getting all the good stuff from Breast Actives.
      You can speed up the results by taking protein shake & collagen supplement with the Breast Actives supplement. These two are known to help speed up body tissue production.

      Best wishes,

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