Breast Actives Most Frequently Asked Questions Part 1

By Claire Mier | Breast Actives

May 21

Breast Actives works

Hi my dear readers,

This post is going to cover the most frequently asked questions I’ve gotten from readers regarding the natural breast enhancement product called Breast Actives. The names of the readers will NOT be mentioned.

Question 1 : Can I take Breast Actives together with my birth control pills? It says I shouldn’t. How come?

  • Answer : I’s important that you do use other kinds of contraceptives when you’re using the herbal blends to enlarge breasts naturally!
You can run the risks of having extended menstrual cycles as well, should you choose to take the contraceptives while taking the phytoestrogen herbs. I personally don’t recommend you take oral contraceptives when you’re taking phytoestrogenic herbs. Even when it’s true that everyone’s body reacts differently to the herbs, these herbs do alter the balance of our hormones. When that happens, oral contraceptives lose their potency. So use physical contraception while you’re taking the pills!

The other risks might be that you might skip your cycles. My advice to you is to stop taking the pills (and only use essential organic oil to massage instead of the Breast Actives cream) 2-3 days before you start your placebo pills of your birth control pills.I recommend using Breast Actives for 6 months then take 1-2 month break before you start another natural breast enhancement program to reach the desired cup size.

If you already reach the cup size you’re happy with after 6 months, be sure to take the 1-2 month break then go back to take 1 month dosage every 3-4 months to maintain the size for the upcoming year. Then the year after you might only need 1 month-supply after half a year.

Question 2 : I don’t want people to know what I ordered. Will Breast Actives come in discreet package?
  • Answer: Yes, the package will be discreet. Noone will see what you’ve ordered.
Question 3: Do I have to continue taking Breast Actives for life? Will my breasts shrink back to original size when I stop?
  • Answer: The results will be permanent however, I recommend going on a maintenance dosage once a year. You can be on the program 2-3 months per year after you have reached the desirable results.

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