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By Claire Mier

What is Waist Training?

Waist training or corset training is a method of body modification. It allows one to achieve a gradual and non-harmful waist shaping by lacing and wearing a corset on regular basis. This is realized best with proper exercise and diet, with the right corset style that covers the abdomen without going too far over the hips. They can reduce your waist up to two or three inches and hence very popular among women who want to reduce their waist size.waist training underbust corset

The waist and torso are molded using external pressure produced by the tightly laced corset. The waist and the surrounding area are gradually reduced over a period of several months as the body conforms to the shape of the corset. The wearer should always feel comfortable and any uneasiness is a sign that the corset is too tight. Usually, the corset should feel like a tight hug but not a breathless squeeze. You should progress with the reduction steadily because sudden extreme reductions can cause great discomfort.
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Types of corsets used for waist training

There are many different types of corset in the market today as there are different makers. It is therefore important to study the style and shape of a maker’s precious work before buying. The most common types create a perfect hourglass figure and can be hidden beneath shirts and blouses. They are also made from good quality fabrics with strong material for support. These types are discussed below.


Under-bust Corset

Under-bust Corset

  • Under-bust corset starts from the waist and finish below the bust line. They are highly versatile and their main purpose is reducing the waistline. They can be worn comfortably on top of a dress or beneath it. They are stylish and classy featuring steel bones that are integrated to cotton lining. The waist cinchers can reduce the waistline by about 4-5 inches, creating a perfect silhouette that looks great with any aesthetic outfit. They come in several color shades such as black, green, purple, white and red.

Over-bust Corsetover-bust waist training

  • You should opt for a vintage over-bust corset if you are looking for something that is more elaborate than the classic waist cincher. It can be worn as a top to support the bust line and also reduce the waistline. The best quality over-bust comes with a steel boning. Over-busts with plastic boning are comfortable and affordable, and they offer different neckline options. Small breasts appear bigger by wearing over-bust with a straight neckline, while those with a plunge neckline are appropriate for women with larger breasts. Halter neck and sweetheart over-bust are designed to suit all women regardless of the bust size.

Designer CorsetsCorsetry

  • The designer corset is made from the finest materials and it boasts of elegant styles. Popular brands for instance Cosquette and Shirley of Hollywood are renowned for their stylish designs. They can be worn as lingerie or as tops. They are available in a wide range of colors with flower sash and laces, you can’t resist from the attraction of these gorgeous fashion corsets.

Steel Boned Corsets

Watch this short video to learn more about this type of corsets.

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What beginners should consider when choosing the right corset

Beginner should know that the benefits of waist training with a corset are achieved by choosing the right corset. There are several factors to consider for it to work for you.


  • A corset liner is worn under the corset to prevent skin discomfort. Liners are a must for waist training since they provide a protective barrier between your skin and the corset to prevent unpleasant rubbing, pinching and chafing.


  • A new corset should have a gap of four inches in the back that will tighten slowly as your wait gets smaller. Patience is the key in waist training and you should be careful not to go very fast. Trying to lace too quickly and tightly can cause a serious damage.


  • The material of your corset should be washable and breathable, with a tiny bit of stretch. Most corsets are made of panels with numerous layers of strong fabric for stability. They also have a stiff boning between them which are mainly made from steel. Try to stay away from plastic boning.


  • Your corsets should be custom made if you are serious about waist training. You may be required to wear your corset more than 10 hours a day and this can cause discomfort if it does not fit properly. You should therefore see a corset-maker for personal fitting before making as purchase.

The myth about waist training using a corset

 corset training before and after

    1. You cannot dress or undress yourself – Some people believe that you cannot dress or undress yourself when wearing a corset. This is not true since the wearer is taught how to lace herself in and out of the corset. You will struggle to put it on at first but with time it will become easier.
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  1. Corset training for a few months ca reduce your waist size permanently – This is a common assumption among people. Waist training can’t accomplish this, although it can be used as a dieting tool by restricting the stomach size. Wearing a corset for a number of years will only keep you thinner. Some of the most dedicated tight-lacers with years of corset training under their belt have reported that their waists expand after untying them. This is because the soft tissues are displaced without eradication.
  2. You can’t breathe properly –  You can breathe, drink, eat and do daily activities normally.
  3. You can only wear it when your ribs are removed. – This is untrue and anyone with background in biology can educate people who believe this to be true. Your body adjusts to the shape of the corset with time and the ribs shifts more easily. This takes some time and it does not happen right away.

How long does it take  to slim down the waist with the corset?

Slimming down your waist with a corset can take several years. The time taken is affected by several things including the age, diet, exercise and the number of hours the corset is worn daily. It also varies from one person to the other.


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