Breast Enhancement Cream – Does It Ever Work?

For those who might have been reading a lot about natural breast enhancement might wonder if breast enhancement cream on the market actually works. I get asked this question a lot. Well, by now you should know that natural breast enhancement remedies do work if you work them the right way.

breast enhancement cream

No one can really be specific about what the right ways are because each person responds differently to each plan. But most of the natural breast enlarging plans do involve breast massage. And that’s where the cream comes in.

We here at don’t believe that by using the breast cream alone will be able to give most women the spectacular results. But many women have proven us wrong but usually those women are still in their early 20’s, or teenage years.

We believe that together with taking herbal supplements, doing exercises, eating the right food, and breast massaging using the good quality breast enhancement cream can give dramatic results over a period of time.

Quick tips about breast enhancement cream

  • Take notes of the active ingredients in the natural breast enhancement products and do some product research before buying. Most products for breast massage when used correctly can help body produce the hormone prostaglandin, which promotes the growth of breast tissues. Good product reviews should give you the information on what herbs and/or ingredients the product contains.
  • You should also familiarize yourself with what each herb is supposed to do health and breast enhancement wise.
  • Be sure to read the instructions that come with the product packages when used. A lot of time some people might say something does not work only because they skip the instruction and fail to use the product the correct ways.
  • Be sure to rub it into your breasts and get it fully absorbed when you use the breast enhancement cream to massage your chest with.
  • Note that overusing the cream hoping to accelerate the results will only be a waste of money for you. Use the suggested amount as stated on the instruction pamphlets to maximize the results.

What to look for and what to avoid in the breast enhancing cream

breast enhancement massage creamMake sure to look for products that do not contain mineral oil as one of the ingredients. It is known to be toxic and by adding more toxins into your body, the slower it becomes for your body to repair cells or grow.

Look for breast enlarging creams whose manufacturers are trusted with FDA approval and GMP verification sign (good manufacturing practice).

If you cannot find any of the breast enhancement cream or lotion that qualify (based on given information above) at your local stores, buying online is one option. Or else, coconut oil or flaxseed oil will do a great job as well!

The products we love

Triactol Breast enhancement serum

Triactol Serum

  • Although the texture of the product is not particularly a cream, it is highly concentrated with Pueraria Mirifica that is a well-known active ingredient in natural breast enhancement community for its effectiveness. (Read more about Pueraria Mirifica here!)
  • The price is USD$ 128.85 per bottle. They also have a 50% off offer (with conditions applied) right now at their official website!  (Click here to get the best rate online from their official website!)

Breast Actives Cream

breast actives cream

  • Breast Actives system comes with both herbal supplements as well as the enhancement cream. If you buy directly from the official site (which we recommend), you will get the best price (1 month supply for USD 59.95, 4-month supply with FREE 2-Month supply for USD$ 240). Here’s the link to their official website!


naturaful breast enhancement

  • We love Naturaful breast cream for the reasons that it has received the GMP certification and FDA approval. The company is able to make a proper medical claims and studies about this product; citation of the number of participants and the length of the studies. The ingredients that this product contains are Dong Quai, Mexican Wild Yams, Kava Kava and Blessed Thistle.
  • The price is USD $30 per jar but there is special deal of up to 4 jars free. The deal is only available on their official site, CLICK HERE!

Total Curve

total curve

  • Total Curve is another product that comes in a package of herbal supplement and massage cream. What makes Total Curve’s massage cream different from the other ones is that the texture is gel-cream with their patented technology Volufiline which supposedly helps stimulate more fat cell storage in the breasts, resulting in more volume and firmness
  • The Total Curve system is USD $ 60 per one-month supply. Special deal with 30% discount is available on the official website only! Click here to visit Total Curve Official Website!