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Like many other popular natural breast enhancement products, Clevastin is a natural breast enhancement system that comes in a form of herbal pills and massage serum. This product has received positive feedback from many users that state that the breast enlargement program has helped them develop their bust.

The price is the same as other competitive products, like Breast Actives but still affordable compared to breast augmentation. Clevastin is a natural product that uses over 7 types of herbs that supposedly provide a breast enlarging effect. The noticeable results can be seen after 6 consecutive months of using the product.

Does Clevastin Really Work?

The Clevastin oral supplement is an herbal formula of different herbs that have been proven to have natural estrogenic properties. The combination of these herbs supposedly works to stimulate the breast tissue growth mimicking the experience during puberty or pregnancy but without milk production. The blend is supposed to boost production of female hormone.

Dandalion leaf powder is also present and what it does is to detoxify the body. It is believed that cleaning out body toxins can result in accelerated breast tissue development. This explains why all the natural breast enhancement products we recommend here on contain herbs that are known to have detoxifying properties. (Other detoxifying herbs found in natural breast enhancement products are red clover, milk thistle, and/or blessed thistle.)

Clevastin Oral Supplement Contains the Following;

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Clevastin Accelerator Gel

The main ingredients are extracted herbs like wild yam that is proven to be a source of diosgenin. It has been used in holistic medicine to treat menopausal symptoms and to increase female libido.

The product manufacturer states that the formula is meant to be non-staining, non-sticky or irritating gel-cream that is to be used twice daily to increase suppleness and elasticity of skin on breasts.

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What makes Clevastin different from other breast enhancement products?

Clevastin Reviews

The cream-gel contains collagen to promote elasticity and firmness of breasts, resulting in healthier-looking and rounder breasts. The blends allegedly enhance the volume of the fat tissues in breasts to increase the size and plumpness of the user’s breasts.

Based on the information provided by the manufacturer, Clevastin has Meadow Creek which is not available in any other breast enhancement products. The formula has been designed to accelerate the breast tissue growth by balancing estrogen and prolactin hormones, resulting in growth in the mammary glands and development of breast tissues.

Does It Really Work As They Claim? Here’re Some Clevastin Reviews…

“When I first came across Clevastin natural breast enhancement, I didn’t have much faith in the whole idea of growing bigger breasts naturally. I only thought I’d try it for fun only trying to prove my sister wrong. Little did I know that I was on my way to making such a dramatic change to the way I’d look and feel about myself. 2 months of using Clevastin (since buying bulk was definitely cheaper!) I had grown 1 and a half cup size!! This is something I did not see coming! So it was definitely a pleasant surprise! I’d recommend this to those who are getting started on natural breast enlargement! It’s reasonably priced and it has worked for me so far!” – Diana, St. Louis, MO

“This definitely has been a surprisingly great product! I didn’t think I could see that much difference from just 3 weeks of using! Surely, I’m no Dolly Parton now but my breasts are perkier and softer in just a matter of weeks! Will report back if my breasts increase in cup size!” – Jamie, Sacramento, CA

Any possible side effects from using Clevastin?

There has not been anyone reporting back any side effects from using Clevastin except minor itching or soreness on breasts. This is something to be expected because when your breasts get firmer, the skin becomes stretched out a bit causing small itching and sometimes a little bit of soreness, just like before your period.

How much does Clevastin cost?

A one –month supply (capsules and gel) costs USD 60, so it’s around the same price range as our recommended product Breast Actives (Read about Breast Actives here) and Total Curve! (Click here to read our review on Total Curve) . The product is now available at eCommerce health store (