How to Use Breast Actives to Maximize Your Results

Breast Actives is by far the most talked-about natural breast enhancement program in the industry.

Due to its popularity, people are beginning to talk to each other about how effective it is. But one thing I always tell my readers when they ask me if this stuff works, or if it’s just hype, I’ll be honest and say that everything depends on each person.

The results vary based on several factors. And in this post, I’m going to go over the factors that make some users successful with this product, while the others don’t see so much improvement.

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Here’s the list of what you’re about to discover…

  1. How to take the supplement pills
  2. How to use the cream for maximum results
  3. What foods or drinks you should have to make the supplement and cream work even better
  4. What tools to use to take the results to the next level.

How to take the supplement pills

Based on the instruction, the pills are to be taken twice a day; one in the morning and one in the evening. But what it doesn’t specify is that it should be taken with foods. This is very important because the ingredients in the supplements are actually from food. By taking the pills right after meals will allow the ingredients to be absorbed and put into use even better.

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A lot of people forget to take it with meals, and decide take it when their stomach is empty. That’s not to say that it is harmful to your stomach, it is just that most of the good stuff will travel through your system a little quicker than it should. Hence, the results might not be as good as those who take the pills and get them absorbed into the system better.

 How to use the cream for maximum results

The cream contains the extract of Pueraria Mirifica which is a powerful phytoestrogen herb grown in Thailand. This ingredient itself can be found in many of the top breast enhancement products on the market thanks to its high potency.

But some women do not experience as much growth or positive effects as they should from this herb in the cream simply because they don’t use it correctly. I get people writing me and telling me how they don’t like having to massage their breasts after shower. I totally get it. It felt weird touching your own breasts that often that many times a day right? (LOL)  But in all seriousness, it will be well worth it.

Massage is such an important part of the natural breast enhancement programs, regardless of what product you choose to use. And with the cream if you use it correctly, your results will be impressive.

A tip from me here is to use it right after a hot shower or bath. The heat opens up your pores making it easier for the ingredients to get absorbed.

Some people use a thermopad on their breasts before applying the cream. If you have one of those, and/or have the time then by all means, do so.. If you don’t think it’s necessary, just use the warm shower like I do. 🙂

What foods or drinks you should have to make the supplement and cream work even better’

banner1077Foods play major part in this, just like the old saying ‘You Are What You Eat! In this case, I always recommend people to eat lots more salad and low sugar fruits, more lean protein found in chicken breasts (preferably skinless), or fresh fish steaks (no fish sticks please).

Moreover, you can also add more of the good oils into your diet. Coconut oil, olive oil, and rice bran oil are the most recommended. Flaxseed is only good for topical use because it tends to turn toxic when it gets heated up.

Also, cut down on caffeine, alcohol, and candy bars. These foods are never good in any situations. Occasional consumption is forgivable but you know if you want to look good, something has to be given up.

What tools can you use to take the results to the next level?

There will be once or twice during the time you’re undergoing the natural breast enhancement program that you will reach the plateau or the time no growth or progress is shown.

In some cases, you will even shrink a little bit. This is not to panic! What you need to do is to do the reset and that’s to stop taking the supplement pills but continue with the massage.

You can use a tool to help maintain the size you’ve gained if you prefer. Many women prefer to use Noogleberry pump. It’s been proven to work very well for most women. If you prefer to do it manually, that’s also fine as well.

Now that you have read about how to use the product the most effective way, I’d like to just emphasize again that natural breast enhancement works, but it requires patience, and determination.

You cannot try one thing and let it be all end all for you. You’ve already chosen the right thing to do to forgo the surgery and choose the natural remedy. All you need to do is experiment and get healthier (nicer-looking hair, and skin) in the process. Hope this has inspired you even more to give this your best shot.

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