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Anti-Ageing Product Reduces Wrinkles: Commercial Serum Proves Successful on Ageing Skin

If you want to help prevent and even significantly reduce wrinkles, the findings of a new study will likely interest you. Scientists at The University of Manchester in the United Kingdom have found that an over-the-counter cosmetic, No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum, can improve sun-damaged skin. The Wrinkle Study Behind The Protect & […]

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Sugar Addiction and How to Cope With it

Many of us don’t even know we’re consuming too much sugar. It is proven that sugar addiction is responsible for weight gain, skin problems, and  many chronic illnesses. Yet most of us are not doing anything about it to get the sugar addiction problem under control. Watch this video presentation on sugar addiction! Sugar addiction […]

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Sugar and Acne

Food is related to acne is due to the inflammatory properties. Acne is essentially wounds and inflammation on your skin. Glycemic index of the food determines how that food can affect our skin health and how acne-prone it can cause our skin to become. It helps measure blood sugar levels after eating particular foods. Foods that […]

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