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How to Lighten Dark Spots on the Face

  Dealing with dark spots and blemishes is frustrating but there are some options. Here are some ways to hide or lighten dark spots such as acne scars, age spots, and freckles. Makeup. Using a little concealer or foundation or tinted moisturizer can help hide dark spots. Use a skin lightening treatment. There are many […]

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Home Treatments for Aging Skin: Improving Appearance with the Right Cosmetic Products

Facial skin thins and fades with age. Sunspots and lines appear. Skin looks dull. A facelift won’t change skin texture although it will pull skin tighter which gives the appearance of smaller pores for a while. Eventually, the skin stretches and the pores reappear if not treated. A facelift won’t change skin texture although it […]

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High Definition Makeup

When TV went HD, so did makeup. Richly pigmented shades and finely milled powders became necessary to hide newly revealed flaws on stars and reporters alike. The new makeup did not technically have to be formulated as high definition makeup; many makeup artists simply located “regular” products that yielded a flawless look even in HD. […]

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What Skin Type Are You?

The skin is a complex structure. It can repair itself, it responds positively to certain treatments or products and negatively to others, and it is affected by genetics, surroundings, age and of course the amount of care it receives. Facial skin should be firm, yet supple and pliant, and to achieve this, a certain understanding […]

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Causes of Irregular Menstrual Periods

While there are some women who get their menstrual period every month like clockwork, others are not so lucky. One of the most common causes of a missed period is pregnancy. When pregnancy is not to blame, however, abnormal menstruation can be very frustrating. It can lead to unnecessary pregnancy scares and problems scheduling vacations. […]

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